Inside The Monster C5-Galaxy Aircraft That Carries The US President’s Motorcade

When the President of the United States travels abroad ,monster military cargo planes like the bigger C-5 Galaxy and the C-17 Globemaster lll also fly along with the Air Force One to bring the presidential motorcades.

During his Official visit to the UK on Thursday, two C5 Galaxy Air Force cargo planes delivered part of the Presidential Motorcades and military helicopters such as Marine One and Osprey helicopters at Prestwick Airport.

Behind C-5 Galaxy military cargo plane in the pictures are two armoured presidential limousines nicknamed The Beast.

One of the Limo’s carries the President while the other act as a backup and decoy. The one with the president is referred to as the “Stagecoach” and the other as the backup as “Spare“.

Also with the presidential Limo’s are black SUVs carrying personal security detail, a rapid reaction Counter Assault Teams (CAT), command and control elements, the communications vehicle , intelligence personnel and countermeasures vehicles.

The C-5 Galaxy Cargo plane is the largest plane in the US Air Force and it costs between N36b and N94b (US$100m – US$262m ) per unit ,depending on the variants.

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