6 Reasons Why Your Car Smells

Except you’re the extremely dirty type, nobody normal likes foul odour. Almost everybody (if not all) would love to keep the good smell in their car.

When you start perceiving foul odour from your car, it’s an indication that something is wrong somewhere. There are some things that can alter the good smell in your car and make it go bad to foul odour.


6 Reasons Why Your Car Smells

1. Burnt clutch or brake materials:

You will easily notice the smell when you’re driving with your windows down. A burnt clutch and brake pads that got too hot will give out the same ‘burning rubber’ smell.

2. Water getting inside the car:

When water gets into the car where it’s not meant to, be rest assured your car will smell. This is much pronounced after rain. Leaky doors, windows seals, can give water free passage into the car. When water makes it to the seats and carpets, it gives birth to smell.


3. Bad food and spilt drink

The smell can also be a result of spilt drinks or decomposed food for those that eat or drink inside their cars.


4. Oil leaks:

You’ll perceive a burning smell whenever oil drip and drop on any hot part of the exhaust system.

5. Bad catalytic converter:

When things are not right as it should with your catalytic converter, you’ll end up perceiving smell a rotten egg.


6. Fuel leaks:

When there is leaky fuel lines, stuck injector, bad fuel pressure regulator, they can lead to fuel being dumped on your engine region.