How to check car number plate owner in Nigeria?

You once found yourself in the situation that you must by all means find out who’s driving that damn car? Read this post to check car number plate owner in Nigeria!

You might be an experienced driver or just a freshman but always sticking to the traffic rules and regulations. You conform to the road safety laws and expect others to do the same thing for our all lives and health. However, it seems like many people haven’t attended the driving training course at all or lack common sense of how to travel properly on road.

At least, they cause annoyance to others. At worst, they hit and run.

a road accident

Many accident victims in Nigeria couldn’t trace the culprit for compensation

In any case mentioned above, I bet all that you want is to find out who’s sitting behind the wheel and curse them to death. So how to check car number plate owner?

How to check plate number owner?

It would be easy to check plate number owner if you work at Federal Road Safety Corps. Unfortunately, most of us don’t; it’s not like a piece of cake as you may think. First, bear in mind that you must have a legal reason for tracking others’ personal information through their number plates. Second, you can’t check it yourself even when you have millions of reasons for it.

So, what do you need to check car owner information by license plate? Refer to the steps below:

1. Report your case to the nearest police station

Describe in details your situation, explain clearly why you need to check car details by number plate. For example, say you are involved in a crime scene and you memorize the culprit’s plate number.

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Nigerian police station in Enugu

Police station should be the very first place you visit

Try to provide the authorities with as many details as possible because they will help you in investigating the evil guy, as well as assist you in tracking other information.

2. Ask for a document backed by a court order to check plate number

This document from the police allows you to have the right to find license plate number by owner name and vice versa. Without this paper, hardly can you persuade FRSC to support you in this task.

3. Visit offices of Federal Road Safety Corps

Once arriving there, present all your reasons with police document to the FRSC officers. You will be asked for further details to verify your words. Make sure you prepare your saying and related papers carefully.

If the officers find it convincing, they will export the information you need from the government database of transport info, including vehicle type, owner’s name, ID card number, etc. And of course, you can find address from number plate so that the police can come to arrest the criminal.

a FRSC officer and a woman

Be honest and well-prepared when visiting FRSC!

Can you look up someone’s license plate without contacting the FRSC?

The answer is Yes, but you’ll need to pay much more money. In this case, you have to hire a private investigator to have it done for you. These services can be found online; however, their quality is not guaranteed, so you must be extra cautious.

FRSC plate number check

On the other hand, if you don’t need to find the car’s owner but just want to check plate number in Nigeria, you can adopt FRSC plate number check online.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the number plate in the box (space is not allowed)
  3. Click onto “Verify”
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The system will then display the result whether the number plate is valid or not, and also the type of car it belongs to.

This Nigeria plate number search can help identify a fake license plate, saving your time contacting the FRSC for nothing.

FRSC tracker of number plate

How to check plate number online

How to check plate number in Lagos

Unlike FRSC plate number check which only gives out the car model of that plate, Lagos Motor Vehicle Administration Agency does a much better job.

After typing in the plate number on their system, you can get access to important registration details like car model, its color, chasis number, vehicle status and the issue date of the number plate.

The procedure is as below:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the plate number (only letters and numbers without spaces are allowed)
  3. Click onto “Search”

Lagos MVAA number plate tracker

Example of Lagos MVAA number plate tracker



So now you can have answers to 2 main questions that every driver must at least encounter once.

How to check if my number is registered? – Go to Lagos MVAA website if residing in Lagos state or visit FRSC website.

How to check car number plate owner? – Hire private investigator or report to police and FRSC offices.

FRSC offices are located throughout the country, from Abuja, Cross River to Adamawa. Go online and Google will show you the nearest FRSC sector! Should you have any concern or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to email AUTOMILAS for timely support!