December 14, 2019

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Why does water keep coming out of the car exhaust?
It might not be a bad idea if the exhaust holds water but once it gets out, you need to be swift about it. Click here to see why water keeps coming out of the exhaust!

Internal combustion process in the car engine often leads to emission of these exhaust gases. When there is an ignition of the mixture of air and fuel, there is a flow of exhaust gasses through series of pipes from the engine. Afterwards, those gases would be released from the tailpipe and goes out spreading into the air of the external environment. As a result of this, air pollution would be created and keeps causing a bit of problem between those who are activists for environmental safety and the automakers.

Normally, you won’t see water coming out of the exhaust if your car is in a perfect condition. But there is a possibility of leakage in the tailpipe which might cause water to be in the exhaust system. However, do not panic yet since the presence of water in this exhaust shouldn’t be much of a deal to you.

When you are confronted with situation like this, it is highly advisable you investigate this more carefully especially by your auto mechanic. If not, you might be confronted with more severe conditions that would incur debts worth hundreds of thousand on you. In many cases, you might not need to spend up to that. All you need to do is replace the small component that should only cost you few bucks. Here on are the reasons why water keep coming out of the car exhaust.

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1. Condensation

At the post-internal combustion process in the engine, there is a high possibility for the formation of carbon dioxide and water. After the engine has cooled down, the residue of the exhaust gases would escape the chamber. At this stage, you would be able to see water coming out of the tailpipe. Apparently, that is a result of the gaseous condensation.


It is perfectly eco-friendly when your car exhaust system is in excellent condition

2. Catalytic converter

When there is release of toxic carbon gases, the catalytic converter would be held responsible for the reduction of the size of these gases before they exit the car through the tailpipe. This permits the car to be ideal for environmental safety and cause less harm to the people around. During the process of reducing these toxic emission by the catalytic converter, there is always a small amount of water vapor that is formed. Eventually, this water vapor will also form little droplets that would exit the tailpipe of your car.

3. Engine heat

This could be classified under dangerous reason why water is coming out of your car exhaust. When you find yourself living in cold environment, it is normal to expect water to come out of the exhaust. This is because the engine’s components usually requires a little bit of time to allow the circulation of the oil through them so as to cool down. However, there would be generation of heat by the movable components in the space of just few minutes after turning it on.

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There is also possibility for the exhaust system to be heated too. Due to this, water vapor would be formed as heat mixes with the cold air. This is when you will notice small droplets coming out of the tailpipe. You just need to wait for few minutes while the engine is running to clear it off.

Why Water Comes Out of Your Car’s Exhaust Pipe

4. Faulty piston

One probable reason you should avoid by all means is from a faulty piston. It is usually very easy to know if the piston itself or its rings are the culprits through the smoke and water coming out the same time from the tailpipe. When it gets severe, it starts producing a burning smell that will gain access to the cabin. Whether the smell is sweet or horrible with water and smoke coming out of the tailpipe, you need to quickly take your car to the nearest auto shop to get it fixed. What they do mostly is get a replacement for your pistons or the rings.

It is often recommended to fix the problem at the early stage to reduce the financial stress and put you safe on the road.


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