November 23, 2019

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Finally Nigeria Immigration Service to roll-out 10-year validity e-Passport

1. Lagos Passport Office will issue new 10-year-validity e-Passport in June

The new form of e-Passport will be launched on the 25th of June 2019 at its Lagos Passport Office specifically Ikoyi.

Mr Sunday James, the current Public Relations Officer for NIS had revealed this plan in his statement on Thursday at Abuja. He made it clear that this new exercise will cause the service to shut down the office’s existing platform for payment in order for this new one to have its way.



Passports have been a difficult document to lay hold off in the country lately

Mr James also said;

“Hence, the Ikoyi Passport office will only attend to Passport applications for the enhanced e-Passport effective from the stated date.

“All pending applications in Ikoyi will be processed before the roll-out date.

“Alausa and FESTAC Passport offices will continue to issue the existing e-Passport for applicants desirous of same,’’


2. Fees in applying for the new e-Passport form

See some important notes below about the initially declared fees;

  • A 32-page 5-year standard passport costs ₦25,000
  • A 64-page 10-year standard passport costs ₦70,000
  • A 32-page 5-year official passport costs ₦15,000
  • A 64-page 5-year standard passport costs ₦25,000
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