February 18, 2020

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Mercedes Maybach S650 overview

The Mercedes Maybach S650 is a model of Mercedes Benz designed to provide exquisite and display of wealth. Sharing a part of the wonders of the airplane, its high lift and residence in air despite its weight. Such thoughts of having a rolling airplane with first class reservations would have occupied Mercedes Benz to have inspired the production of the Mercedes Maybach S650.

The year 2017 was when Mercedes Maybach S series got a facelift and introduced the S650 as its flagship; this long sedan has extreme luxury for top class executive customers and it was intended to compete with the likes of Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce Phantom. The Mercedes brand keeps this vehicle in a better position than its rivals for countries like Nigeria; this brand remains a big inspiration for a lot of people and owning a Mercedes Maybach establishes luxury at its peak.

And today,AUTOMILAS.COM will give you a brief review over this premium car which was driven by our President. Let’s take a look at Mercedes Maybach S650 prices in Nigeria!

Who owns Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria?

There are definitely few Nigerians who would own a very expensive and luxurious vehicle like the Mercedes Maybach S650. Few of the Nigerians who are owners of the much-deserved praised sedan are the following celebrities in Nigeria;

1. The country’s number one man in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari who despite his age is determined to showcase his high-quality taste for luxury official cars.


The Mercedes-Maybach carried President Buhari in his Inauguration Day this year

2. Ray Hushpuppy AKA Hushpuppy acquiring the Mercedes Maybach S650 for a whopping ₦71 million.

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Here comes the S650 of social media star Hushpuppi!

Prices of Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria

The Mercedes Maybach S650 price in Nigeria which will be featured in this section captures mostly brand new and foreign used cars for different years; the section for Nigerian used Mercedes Maybach does not include the S650 model. That’s easy to understand as prices of this car stay far beyone the level an average Naija can afford.

Brand new prices of Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria
 Model year  Prices
 2017 Mercedes Maybach S650  ₦140 million – ₦185 million
 2018 Mercedes Maybach S650  ₦154 million – ₦198 million
 2019 Mercedes Maybach S650  ₦170 million – ₦210 million

The prices for foreign used Mercedes Maybach S650 follows suit;

Foreign used prices of Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria
 Model year Prices
Tokunbo 2017 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦60 million – ₦105 million
Tokunbo 2018 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦76 million – ₦124 million
Tokunbo 2019 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦120 million – ₦164 million

Of course these prices may change due to currency exchange rate, import tax, clearing cost and some other related factors. You should ask the dealer carefully about the total sum you have to pay before reaching any agreement.

Mercedes Maybach S650 luxury design

  • Mercedes Maybach S650 exterior

A long luxury sedan automobile that could pass as a Limousine; it has a chrome grille in front and chrome garnish. The power rear view which is foldable, smoke headlamps and adjustable headlight are some great features on the exterior of the Maybach S650.


Side view of the Mercedes Maybach S650

  • Mercedes Maybach S650 interior

The sight of the executive leather seats welcomes the owner when opening the long Maybach; it has a leather steering wheel which is adjustable. The dual tone dashboard has controls for the air conditioning and entertainment systems. All the seats are adjustable and the rear section has a foldable table; the wood covers around the interior complements it’s luxury. The comfort particularly of the back seats is unique because it feels like one is in a fully equipped room. The kind of space that allows you to stretch your legs and even have a massage while your driver take you through a really fast or slow cruise.

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How would you feel when sitting inside such cabin?


You can even upgrade to a S650 Pullman to have this utmost luxury & comfort

Mercedes Maybach S650 engine performance

Endowed with a 6.0L V12 twin turbocharged engine, the car produces a speed of 621 horsepower making its enormous size seem weightless. Possessing a rear-wheel drive system, the Mercedes Maybach S650 can cope confidently in any terrain and any whether or conditions. It has driving assists which include an effortless thrust hitting a speed of 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, a power steering that ensures an accurate steer which is almost devoid of feel. Just like acquiring a high speed in less time and with less effort, getting the car to a stop also requires less effort because the braking system is excellent.


Mercedes Maybach S650 engine

See how this lady review the 2020 Mercedes-Maybach S650!

Where to buy Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria

When going for something as complex and sophisticated as the Mercedes Maybach S650, it is very importance to take more care when buying one. Make sure you use accredited dealers where you can be sure of some warranty. Outlined below is a list of some authorized dealers in Nigeria and their addresses;

 Authorized dealers  Address & contact
Weststar Associates Ltd. Prince Samuel Adedoyin Street, Off Lekki-Epe Expressway, 3rd Roundabout/Ikate-Lekki, Lagos/Nigeria

Tel: +234 809 999 8375

Marcobiz Investment Nigeria Zone C Block 2 Shop 126 Aspmda trade fair Badagry express way Lagos, Ojo L.G.A., Lagos.

Tel: +234 803 516 1598

Bras Motors Plot 15, Block 94, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Tel: +234 1 7746666

Tetralog Nigeria Limited  Plot 11/13 Royal District Layout, Enugu-Port-Harcourt Expressway, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State

Tel: +234 812 112 9910, +234 812 112 9901, +234 812 112 9905

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