January 20, 2020

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Precautions You Should Observe When Using A Key With Transponder Chip.

Every car comes with a key for starting and turning off the engine, as well as for locking andun locking the vehicle. Most keys we now have come with a transponder chip placed in the head of master and sub keys. This chip works with the engine immobilizer system. When the chip is not present or the wrong chip is used, the engine may not start. Even though it starts, it may go off soon after it starts

There are some precautions you should observe once your key has this transponder chip for the engine immobilizer system. These precautions will enable the system function correctly at all times.

Below are some of the precautions you should observe

1. When starting the engine, do not use the key with a key ring resting on the key grip and do not press the key ring against the key grip. Otherwise, the engine may not start, or may stop soon after it starts.

2. When starting the engine, do not use the key with other transponder keys around. This include keys of other vehicles.

3. Do not bend key grip.

4. Do not cover the key grip with any material that cuts off electromagnetic waves. Example of such material is aluminium foil. It blocks or shields radio frequency wave.

5. Do not knock the key hard against other objects.

6. Do not leave the key exposed to high temperature for a long period, such as on the dashboard and hood under direct sunlight.

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7. Do not put the key in water or wash it in an ultrasonic washer.

8. Do not use the key with electromagnetic materials.

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