2015 Toyota Camry Review

2015 Toyota Camry Revview


Speaking of the fact that the Toyota company did not grab the full upgrade for their 2015 model, one would think that they were saving premium designs to have an impressive, unbeatable comeback. Even at that, Toyota received a lot of patronage from resilient lovers of the brand over that year span. You know what they say, ‘First impressions matter’. So, it’s not surprising how the automobile manufacturer recorded a great amount of financial success in 2015.

Regardless, here’s the 2015 Toyota Camry review that its loyalists are obsessed over.


Camry sedans have a mark for comfortability, value, and reliability. The deal for them starts at a whopping $30,000 plus and for the 2015 Camry, it’s just a few cents lesser. It’s leather trims, powerful engines, fine wood panels, fuel economy, etc. can match up to the Nissan Altima, Ford as well as other remarkable car brands. That’s why it’s easy for the Camry to keep its buyers satisfied by competing with these brands.


Toyota also offers her 2015 Camry in the Hybrid power-train models


The two 2015 Camry models with the V6 Engine deliver about 268 hp

Engine & Performance

The 2015 Toyota Camry houses a 2.5L twin four-cylinder engine, a double VVT-i timing which influences the 178 hp and 170 pound-feet torque.

That’s not all. The installed 3.5 Liters V6 engines in the XSE and XLE variants provokes a 268 hp.

Meanwhile, both the 4 in-line and 6 V-configuration engines all operate with a six-speed automatic gear transmission system.

Even with all these, no turbocharging facility is included.

But what are guaranteed per these functions are a great driving experience, smooth rides, a responsive transmission, a rambling tuning with a dual valve damper that acts as the grand initiator (tackles spring and shock functions).

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The vehicle also accommodates a well retuned electronic stability factor and a much stronger version of an electronic power steering. How terrific!


All I4 engine models of the 2015 Camry deliver about 178 hp


The V6 and I-4 Engines deliver about 268 hp and 178 hp respectively


Taking a closer look at Toyota’s previous designs, not much is recorded. We already know that the model’s strengths are comfort and space. This year’s models can comfortably seat 5 persons.

So, what’s new? An upgrade in materials and soft cabin surfaces, an outward contour of the dash as well as the illuminated doors, a larger interior space, folding, adjustable rear, and front leather seats (though they cannot actually be folded to a core flat), more cargo space, a larger console, touch-screen navigation system with multiple, chunky buttons on the steering wheel, a 6.1-inch infotainment screen, Bluetooth, wireless charging, blind spot detection, cruise control, back view camera, cross-traffic alert, etc.

It seems like a lot, right? Hold on! Don’t get too excited. Yes, these are new and there appears to be a lot of difference. Just wait till you look at the entire setup, it is exactly the same. Same ole, same ole!


All models of the 2015 Camry come with a 6 speed gear transmission


The rear seats offers a comfortable 38.9 cubic feet of leg room


The 2015 Camry offers about 41.6 cubic-feet of leg room


Even though the 2015 Toyota Camry did not change in size, yet there are little twitches to its styling and exterior.

A brand-new sheet metal for the whole piece (although the roof retains the old appearance), LED headlights and running lamps, a new grille, a rear lamp, taillights, a more refined structure of the side mirrors, a rear camera, a sporty suspension line-up, a standard front fascia and a set of new 18-inch alloy wheels that beautifully highlights the whole car.

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The Headlamps of the 2015 Toyota Camry are all LED lights


The 2015 Camry showing its well-contoured body and its 18-inch alloy wheels


Per safety features, the 2015 model expanded its base, accommodating active, structural functions. The 2015 Toyota Camry earned top star ratings from the IIHS, although it falls short in earning federal ratings/recognition. Nonetheless, its safety options cover a rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot detection, Lane Departure Assist, a pre-collision structure, a cruise setup, an improved brake – override arrangement, etc.

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Cargo and Storage

The midsize sedan has enough cargo and storage space to transport people and luggage. With an abundant 15.4 cubic-feet sized trunk room, the 2015 model joined in the competition with the top players of the auto industry like the Ford Fusion, the Altima, the Accord as well as other car-dealing gamers.


The 2015 Toyota Camry comes with 15.4 cubic feet of trunk space for your luggage

Fuel economy

In 2015, the Toyota company introduced a set of models, the Toyota Camry Hybrid. These models are in all extreme degrees frugal and are targeted at mileage improvement/performance. All the four-cylinder engine have a city fuel economy of 25 mpg and a highway fuel economy of 35 mpg. On the other hand, the V6 engine variants both have a city fuel economy of 21 mpg and a highway fuel economy of 31 mpg.

2015 Toyota Camry price in Nigeria

The 2015 Toyota Camry is currently put on sale for a price between ₦4.5 and 7 million.

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Dealing with the Camry

Thanks to new features, the regular Camry is a smooth, quiet sprinter. The engine is commendably liberated from noise or vibrations of any sort. Given the visible yet unambiguous window regulators and wiping equipment, we can applaud the engineering team for performing a great job.

Despite a larger wheelbase, riding quality over road bumps improved greatly. The suspension retuning, high mileage, rolling resistance, strong brake pads all made a significant impact. You can be rest assured that your journey with this model will be an enjoyable one. If you feel the need to step up your game, feel free.

To recap

If you are a Toyota fan and looking to buy a Camry that is not so obsolete while cost-friendly, a 2015 Camry is sure your go-to! It’s not of so old model years while not asking for a steep price to own.

You have just read our 2015 Toyota Camry review. We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to visit automilas.com daily to get the latest car news updates and expert advice!