October 21, 2021

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Simple technique of testing fuel injector

To save your time and money bringing your vehicle to the mechanic only to find out there’s nothing wrong with it, Automilas put here simple steps testing the fuel injector on your own. Read on! The job of a fuel injector is quite simple: to supply fuel to the engine. Fuel injector is a new […]

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Ways To Give Your Car Nice Treats This 2019

It is yet another year; we remain grateful to our God for making it possible for us to witness 2019. As we strive to make this year a better one, we should not leave car care behind. These are 10 things you can do this 2019 to give your car the nice treats it deserve. […]

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Smoke coming from the oil filler cap – Why and how to fix it?

Do you have a car or knows someone that has a car which smoke comes from the oil cap when removed? Click here now to learn what this is and how to fix it Are you seeing engine fumes when you open your engine’s oil filler cap? This isn’t in anyway good news for your […]

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Signs indicate your car needs a check-up soon

Even when there’s no breakdown down the road, if you detect one of these signs, your car might have a deeper major problem that needs to address duly. Even if your car is in perfect condition, you still need to check out these common problems and their meaning, not only because you’d know which sign […]

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6 Symptoms Of A Bad Air Filter That Needs Replacement

There are components set out to ensure that debris does not make it way to the engine combustion chamber; air filter is one of them. Hence, the function of the air filter is to clean the air entering the engine. The air filter ensures that contaminants such as road debris, dirt, bugs do not make […]

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4 Signs Of Dirty, Bad Or Failing Fuel Filter

In our previous post, we wrote on the 6 Symptoms Of A Bad Air Filter That Needs Replacement, today, it’s fuel filter. Fuel filter is not same as fuel pump. A lot of people make that mistake of mixing up the two. The fuel pump creates the pressure needed to send fuel from your fuel tank to […]

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Things to consider before respraying your car

When a car needs respraying, it is usually because of the following reasons: the old paint is scratched and flaking off or simply the owner just grow tired of the old color and want to get a new one. The demand for respraying cars is quite high, but only in unofficial automotive service because the […]

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Bad driving habits that reduce your car battery’s life

1. Parking the car for a long time Modern cars are equipped with many intelligent features that continue to operate even after you turn off the engine. These features include remote control systems, anti-theft systems and some types of sensors. Even though these features will only consume very little battery energy, when you park the […]

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What does the timing belt do in the engine and when should you change it?

Timing belt should be changed every 60k to 100k miles. If you think the timing belt is not so important a part which worth your immediate repair, then you’re absolutely wrong. The timing belt means a lot to the engine, if it fails, the engine also fails to perform its deed, and your car hereby goes to sleep. […]

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Manual vs automatic car: which one will you choose?

Choosing a car is such an agony that involves multiple painful maths. Among these headaches, picking between a manual and automatic car is a top confusion. But no worries, our today article will detail comparisons between a manual and automatic car. Price Manual cars can be had at a lower price than its automatic counterparts. Manual […]

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