Why Ladies Love Guys Who Have Cars

Just exactly the same way ladies tend to get into guys with huge level of confidence, healthy beards and strong muscles, that’s just the same way they love guys with cars.

The cost of the car determines the level to which they would be so much over him, regardless of his age. Being in possession of a car is seen as a typical symbol of status, power and influence, and these are some of those things every Lady wants in her man.

Although, ladies take self-confidence as an integral feature every man should possess when trying to pick them up. Since there is no constant measure for the level of confidence, therefore, ladies decide what makes a man really confident; which is basically material things (cars inclusive).


Another reason why ladies love men who have cars is due to the questions they answer from fellow ladies whenever any of them brings up gist about her man. Basically, one of the first questions that is being asked is “what car does he have?” Ladies believe the cost of maintaining a car is really expensive, thinking of refueling the car from time to time, and other maintenance embedded around owning a car; obviously, no poor man would ever want to own a car except he wants to go bankrupt.

And lastly, ladies always want to be sure of the fact that, dating a guy that owns a car saves them the stress of hopping from one bus or bike. They want to be transported on a seat that gives them comfort while listening to any song of their choice with the volume being increased to their desire. Everyone loves the feeling of a King or Queen.