Signs indicate your car needs a check-up soon

Even when there’s no breakdown down the road, if you detect one of these signs, your car might have a deeper major problem that needs to address duly.

Even if your car is in perfect condition, you still need to check out these common problems and their meaning, not only because you’d know which sign indicates which problem, you could react much more quickly and get yourself out the situation much faster.

1. Beaming engine light

This is the most obvious sign that your car has a problem, not only with the engine perse but with the components attached to it as well. Sometimes we choose to ignore it because the car still “feels” good, actually, engine light could come off for multiple reasons, ranging from minor to major ones, and you really don’t want to carry around a cracked engine or a corroded transmission, trust me. Bring it to the nearest auto service as soon as possible.

2. Stalling

There will be times when you step on the gas pedal and the car kind of delay for some seconds before cranking up. The lagging period could be the result of a worn out transmission and needed to be examined too.

3. Gas mileage

Keep track of your gas money every month to see if your car is drinking more fuel than it used to. Of course, you need to cross check it with the distance you’ve traveled that month for the result to be precise.

4. Troubled brake system

There are many signs to a malfunctioned brake. For example, it could produce a screeching noise when you brake, you have to use a force much greater than usual for your car to slow down, or there’s a delay between the time you press the brake and when the car actually stops. All involved contribute to a malfunction brake system.

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5. Rugged movements

If you’re new on the road, this feeling is a-okay since your hand-eye coordination takes time to be better. But if you’ve been around for long and feel that the car jerks whenever you shift the gears, there has to be something wrong with the transmission system.

6. Abnormal vibration or violent shaking

Also if you find your car starts to vibrate violently whenever you change the gear, steer the wheel or any movements that have involved changes in the transmission, that further prove that something is wrong with it. Drive to an auto service and have it properly diagnosed.

All in all, when something strange happens in your car and you’re not sure what caused it, take it to your favorite car maintenance garage and have experienced technician check it out.

Do your cars really need a tune-up?