Watch The Dangers Of Not Using Baby Car Seat For Your Kids – FRSC

This is a simulation of what happens when an infant is being held by an adult at the back seat of a car during an accident. It has been proven that in case of car accidents, children tend to stay safe when they are in a baby car seat. On the other hand, when they are being held in the parent’s arm or when they are left alone without a baby car seat, the chances are very likely that they will die or be injured.

Baby car seats are made for newborn babies, toddlers and big kids. Newborn and babies ride rear faced and cradled downwards. Toddlers and big kids ride forward facing and upright.

Please use a baby car seat for your children and ensure they are properly strapped in at all times.
Kindly note that infant baby carriers are not baby  car seats and should not be used as such.

Do not place your baby car seat at the passengers side of the front of your car while driving as the airbag may deploy.

Let’s be safety conscious.

Watch the simulation below;



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