January 27, 2021

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As ferry transportation becomes more accepted everyday in Nigeria, especially Lagos, its pertinent that those who want to make use of this means of transportation are aware of the safety procedures.
Here are some tips to keep you safe when transiting via a ferry .

1. When boarding don’t rush, be patient .

2. As the name implies, a life jacket is built to save your life.Please wear one, or don’t board at all.
3.Hold kids tight, don’t let them play around

4.Learn how to swim, especially if you are going to use this means of transportation frequently.

5.If the ferry looks and feels over crowded, its best to take an alternative means of transportation or wait for another ferry.

6.Remain seated always

7.If the weather is bad, or you see signs of possible rain fall, take an alternative means of transportation


Have you made use of this means of transportation ?. Kindly share your experience .



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