The Difference Between These Chinese Copycat Cars And Their Original Models

Visual design and logos are what sets car manufacturers apart from the rest . But some chinese automakers are taking these iconic shapes from popular brands and producing their own much cheaper versions.

Some are so similar it would be almost impossible for the average person to tell the difference between the fake and the original.

But somehow Chinese automaker are avoiding legal proceedings, as their cars technically aren’t exact replicas.

See if you can spot the difference between these popular models and their near-identical imitations.

1) LandWind X7 (Range Rover Evoque copy)
Land Rover attempted to sue LandWind for their £14,000 copy of the Evoque


2) Geely Merrie 300 (Mercedes-Benz C-Class copy)
Remove badges and these two models are difficult to separate


3) Zotye SR9 (Porsche Macan copy)
Everything down to the shape of the headlights comes from Macan


4) Geely GE (Rolls-Royce Phantom copy)
The iconic British luxury car is not exempted


5) Hanteng Electric concept (Jaguar I-Pace copy)


6) Lifan Xuanlang (Ford C-Max copy)
The Xuanlang comes with a slightly larger front grille


7) Zotye E30 (Smart ForTwo copy)
Zotye even ripped the paint scheme from Smart


8) Eagle (Porsche Cayman copy)
Even the badges looks similar


9) Lifan 320 (MINI 5-door hatch copy)
Minus the stripes, the white Lifan’s body looks very similar to the 5-door MINI


10) JAC A6 (Audi A6 copy)
JAC kept the same “A6” model name


11) Zotye T600 (Volkswagen Tiguan copy)


12) BAIC X424 (Jeep Wrangler copy)
Jeep won’t be too happy about this cheaper copycat

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Under Chinese law, it is almost impossible for a Western company to prove to a Chinese court a Chinese manufacturer has infringed a patent.
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