What is the function of the neutral gear in automatic transmission vehicles

Most drivers have no idea what the N or Neutral gear does in their automatic vehicle. Let’s find out!

In our previous article, we have discussed the functions of the D1, D2 and D3 modes in automatic vehicles. We feel urged to have another article on Neutral gear and it is what we are gonna show you today.

1. What does neutral gear do?

First, what does neutral gear do in an automatic vehicle? The answer is it helps to disconnect the engine with the wheels, which means when you apply your pedal, no power will find its way to the wheels. Plus, when the car’s in neutral, the wheels keep rotating freely without the need of too many actions from the engine while giving you a certain amount of control over the car.

automatic gear switch

Neutral gear helps to disconnect the engine with the wheels

Basically, it’s not so detrimental to your vehicle when you shift to neutral except for some stress on the brake when you do so to stop the car. It should be noted that a constant practice of this in a long time may cause your torque converter to fail.

What Is The Use Of Neutral Gear In Automatic Car?

2. When do you need neutral gear?

a. Stopping your car when the throttle fails

a parking car

Neutral gear contributes to the slowdown of the vehicle, then you can apply the brake to stop safely

As you are driving at high speed and panic to find your throttle gets stuck. What can you do? The speed is too hight so the brake is not enough to halt your vehicle. Fortunately, you have an additional option which is to use the Neutral gear, which contributes to the slowdown of the vehicle, then apply the brake to stop safely.

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Some may think you can simply turn off the engine. However, doing so will abruptly cut off the power supply to the steering which may seriously harm your engine.

b. Stopping your car when the brakes fail

So what if your brakes fail to perform its deed? Many resort to turning off the engine. Don’t risk your safety doing that since it deprives you from control over the steering wheel. What’s worse, it can even causes the wheel mechanism all locked up. But with the Neutral gear on, you can toggle between the lanes and find a safe place to park.

c. Asking for towing trucks in breakdown circumstances

Nobody wishes to let the towing truck draw their vehicle on road without the help of a tow dolly; however, if it is the case, Neutral gear should be credited for its job, which is the best way to keep your transmission less harmed.