Avoid these 5 bad habits to prolong your manual transmission

It goes without saying that the transmission is one of the most important parts of the car engine. For those who love the excitement of being at the wheel of a manual car, this article is for you to avoid 5 bad habits that ruin your manual transmission.

1. Using the shifter to rest your hand

Many drivers use the shifter as a convenient handrest. However while doing so, they unconsciously harm the transmission by continuously causing pressure on the shifter fork and the rotating gear. This will in turn bring about premature wear because it activates the selector fork. The selector fork’s life will last longer if you don’t form the habit of resting your hand on the switch. Instead, you are advised to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Remember the shifter is made for switching gears only.

Manual car shifter

Remember the shifter if made for switching gears only

2. Resting the foot on the clutch all the time

With your foot on the clutch all the time, the pedal is slightly pressed, making the clutch slightly disengage and slip. Consequently, this brings the clutch premature wear. The clutch is supposed to be used only when you switch gears.

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3. Using clutch on inclined terrains

Some drivers are used to mix the throttle and clutch when they stop in inclined terrains such as hill or a slope to keep a stationary position. By doing this, your clutch will be more likely prematurely worn-out. It is recommended to depress the clutch fully and use the handbrake instead. Apply the handbrake until you can engage the clutch to move forward the car.

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4. Keeping in first gear with the clutch being depressed in traffic

As the clutch pedal gets pressure, the release bearing is pressed against the clutch plate. However, this is a hard job for the release bearing because it is not supposed to be in continuous use. The advice to better maintain your release bearing is when in traffic, select the Neutral mode, no foot on the clutch, and use the handbrake if necessary.

manual car pedals

Select the Neutral mode, no foot on the clutch, and use the handbrake if necessary

5. Slamming into gears and popping the clutch

People do this thinking they may accelerate faster but in fact, this backfires them by bringing the clutch premature wear. Not only the clutch but also the synchronizers as well as the shifter fork will suffer premature wear if you do this due to driveline shock. Plus, occupants won’t love to experience a jerking ride.

It is important to let go of bad habits and adopt good ones to help your manual gearbox gain a better lifespan. Hope you this article is helpful for you.