4 Cylinder Or 6 Cylinder Engines. Which One Should I Go For?


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There are a lot of considerations and factors carefully looked at when buying a vehicle. The engine the car comes with is one of them. Whether you’re buying an executive Mercedes Benz S-class or a Kia Picanto, the engine type should be put into consideration. The number of cylinder a car comes with is a very important factor in the general performance of the engine.

Be it as it may, a lot of people still don’t give a damn about the engine so far it is healthy.

The most popular categories of car engines are the 6 cylinders and 4 cylinders. The 6 cylinder can come in either V6 or straight 6 configurations.

The aim of this post is to straighten out the differences between the 6 cylinder and the 4 cylinder so you’ll be very much decisive of the one to go for when buying that your dream vehicle.

We would start by first giving the explanation of 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines.

4 Cylinder engines:

The 4 cylinder engine has 4 cylinders mounted along the crankcase either upright or an inclined plane. It can either come in straight or in-line 4 cylinder engine.

6 cylinder engines:

The 6 cylinder engine has 6 cylinders. We have the straight-six engine and the V6 engine as the two 6 cylinder engine configurations. The straight-six offers great driving balance and easier access for maintenance while the V6 is more compact and fits better in front-wheel drive configuration.

We would be comparing the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines in terms of efficiency, carbon emission, power and maintenance.

1. Efficiency:

A 4 cylinder engine will save you more fuel than a car with 6 cylinder engine. The higher the number of cylinders, the more the fuel the car consumes. So, if you’re much concerned about the cost of fueling a car you’ll buy, go for 4 cylinder.
This been said, automakers are working diligently to improve the overall performance of the 6 cylinder engine to match the 4 cylinder engine in terms of gas mileage and emission.

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2. Emission:

People are now very cautious of the environment and have the goals to make it as green as possible. 4 cylinder engines will cause less pollution to the environment when compared to 6 cylinder engines.

3. Power:

The 6 cylinder engines are more powerful, last longer, relatively faster and give better driving experience. Power delivery is much better. They are also more balanced at top speed than the 4 cylinder counterparts.
4-cylinder is the best if you know that you are not traveling at top speed every day. Like if you’re the intra-city type of guy.

4. Maintenance:

The 4 cylinder would always be easier to maintain. Routine maintenance like servicing of injector can easily be done on a 4 cylinder engine than 6 cylinder engine. The parts for 4 cylinder engines are cheaper than that of 6 cylinder engines.