How loud should you play your music while driving?

Music is a great companion in our rides. It can cure your soul and boost your spirit up after a hard-working day. It is always there to live up the atmosphere in the car as well. There are even more reasons that make car manufacturers crack their brain to improve their sound systems throughout the years.

car's sound system

The reasonable volume helps drivers to react faster than when they turn the sound system too loud

But some motorists get a bad habit of turning their car’s volume too loud so that they can reach the most ecstatic mode of themselves. This not only bothers others but also really threatens their own safety. For example, the horns or other sound signals might not reach you from a certain distance while the music gets too much dominant. Additionally, you may miss the engine’s sounds which are trying to inform you possible problems.

Nothing is more persuasive than scientific evidence. Through a book on driving titled Driving with Music: Cognitive-Behavioral Implications, readers learn that the reasonable volume helps drivers to react faster than when they turn the sound system too loud. The US National Safety Council add weight to the verdict of over-sounding music that too loud sounds from music build a great wall to cease the driver from reaching the sounds of the emergency sirens.

Loud music also contributes a lot of distractions while driving, which may cost you a serious accident. Get rid of this bad habit so that no ruefulness will come with you in the future. According to the Law of US state Florida, it is illegal to play your car radio’s sound loudly to the point that it can be heard from 25 feet or farther away.

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car's sound system

Loud music also contributes to a great deal of distractions in car

To recap, enjoy the music but remember to keep it at a moderate volume for the safety of yourself and others.