How to start the engine with a dead battery without using jumper cable

When you are stranded in a deserted road without jumper cables or professional mechanics, this will come handy.

People are often lazy enough to resort to only jumper cables or professional assistance from mechanics when their car’s battery is dead. However, they don’t seem to take proper consideration to such situation as they are stranded in a deserted road with a dead battery. Is there any way to get out of such a circumstance? Of course yes, check out your today’s article on How to start a car with a dead battery without using jumper cables.

1. Manual cars

Taking advantage of hilly terrain

As its name has said it all, this method requires a hilly terrain on which we push our vehicle with the help of others (and of course, push down the hill, not vice versa).

When you make sure to have sufficient assistance from others, get behind the wheel, get your vehicle in gear and try to maintain a speed of 5 mph down the hill. While doing this, loosen your brake, release the handbrake at the same time and press the clutch for the vehicle to roll. Next, turn the key in the ignition while still keeping the clutch depressed.

In case the car remains inactive, use the clutch to get down to the second gear, then press on the accelerator while the key is turning in the ignition. This method will definitely work, believe me!

Video: How to: roll push start manual transmission

Using the battery charger

This method comes handy for those cars whose battery is dead on a plain terrain. All you need to do is find an AC plug to replenish your battery for some hours by attaching the charger to it (yes, you heard it, some hours, so if time is not for you, this is not advisable).

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Using solar charger

You can also make use of the solar energy to start your engine by lay your solar panel on the car’s dashboard. Next, plug the panel into the car’s lighter point. Doing this, you’re charging the dead battery, so you can start your engine again.

Solar panel on the dashbooard

Plug the panel into the lighter point near the switchgear

2. Automatic car

To start an automatic car, the only one feasible practice that is pretty similar to the manual one is, taking advantage of the inclined terrain. And, all you need to do is also to copy steps you should do in a manual vehicle.

Roll pushing

Make sure to have sufficient assistance from others when doing a car roll pushing