UK Government Wants Every New Home To Come With An EV Charger

It goes without saying, Electric Vehicles, or “EVs”, are the future of automobiles.

And as such the United Kingdom is planning to eliminate petrol and dissel-powered cars by the year 2040 and get them replaced by Electric Vehicles.

The government of the United Kingdom recently unveiled a proposal that requires new homes, street light posts and businesses to have charging points.

To demonstrate their seriousness, the government is planning to boost the plan with a £400 million ($530 million) fund for companies that produce and install EV chargers.

All these are part of a process by the government to reduce emissions by 80 percent compared to 1990 levels.

According to Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, all these are a part of a big plan to eliminate gas-powered cars, but given that EVs currently can’t travel nearly as far, the nation will need to have a robust charging infrastructure in place well ahead of that. The aim is to have “one of the most comprehensive support packages for zero-emission vehicles in the world,”.

The current drawbacks to this plan is that, EVs can only go about 250 miles, maximum, less than half the distance of gas- or diesel-powered cars. On top of that, it can take hours to charge an EV, compared to just minutes to gas up a regular automobile.

Indeed, in no distant time, these drawbacks will be surmounted.

Can Nigeria current pathetic epileptic power supply challenges allow us to partake in this future?