TIPS: 5 Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Is Hard To Steer

steering wheel for Toyota Rav 4

I can remember how difficult it was steering the wheels of my dad’s Peugeot 504 back in the days. Thanks to technology that wiped off the sweat off our faces by coming up with power steering technology. Reversing cars or steering when the car is still was a great war especially when the sun is showcasing itself during the scorching mid day sun.

There are times you notice that your car fitted with power steering have gone back being the old Peugeot 504 that comes with mechanical steering – the steering gets harder than normal.

What could have been the reason for this?
Relax, that’s why you’re here. You’ll be cleared in no distant time.

It can be risky or rather unsafe driving a car with this fault. Pull over if possible and keep yourself safe.

If the steering gets hard and difficult to turn, it means that there is an issue with the power steering system. The power steering uses power steering fluid to generate pressure against the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. The pressure from the system forces the wheels to turn, and makes turning the steering wheel a much easier.

Below are the 5 reasons why your steering wheel is hard to steer

1. Low power steering fluid:

The power steering reservoir is calibrated by your car manufacturers. Always ensure the fluid is not below the recommended point.
When the amount of fluid in the reservoir goes down, the amount of force needed to steer the wheels increases.
No go dey suffer yourself; ensure the fluid is not low.

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2. Bad or damaged power steering belt:

Power steering belt propels the action of the power steering. The functionality of the power steering system depends on this belt. Your power steering system won’t be functional if something is wrong with this belt. Hence, the steering would be very hard to steer.

3. Damaged steering rack:

This rack is a component of the rack and pinion which is the primary part of the steering assembly. If this steering rack should get damaged, it becomes much harder to steer the wheels.

4. Low tyre pressure:

Very low tyre pressure can make the steering to get harder than normal. Ensure your tyres are at the recommended pressure.

5. Pump Malfunction/Failure:

This can be regarded to be the final bus-stop. Once the pump gets bad, the steering wheel gets hard.