See How To Debadge Any Car Brand

Car debadging ,a not so popular trend in Nigeria refers to the process of removing the manufacturer’s emblems from a vehicle.

Common emblems that are removed include the brand’s logo as well as the emblems designating the model of the vehicle.

All you need to debadge your car is a heat gun, some fishing wire,3M eraser tool and some cleaning products.

Some Mercedes Benz fans debadge and rebadge their CLA 250’s (the cheaper entry-level coupe in the Mercedes-Benz CLA lineup) to fool people into thinking it is the luxurious CLA 45 AMG ,which offers stronger performance for a higher price-tag.

Many automotive enthusiasts also believe that debadging a vehicle makes it easier to clean. Another common reason for debadging is to remove this commercial aspect of the vehicle because they are not being paid to advertise the brand.

Others debadge for a clean rear look or rebadge with religious badge/emblem like Jesus,Christ or Church name .

Debadging is cool to many while Rebadging ( putting an AMG badge on a CLA250 4MATIC) is highly condemned .

What will make you debadge or rebadge your car.And with which emblem/badge ?

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