January 25, 2020

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How these 20 popular car brands formed their names

Do you know how your favorite car companies got their names? You’ll be surprised at some of the stories; they are mind-blowing. Click to see for yourself! A name is a means of identification. It says something about you and what you believe in. In Nigeria, individual names are taken to heart. And in most […]

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How The Engine Immobilizer System Of Your Car Works

How The Engine Immobilizer System Of Your Car Works. The engine immobilizer system of your car is a theft prevention system used by your car. The usefulness of this system can not be overemphasized as it reduces the chances of your car to get stolen. What the system basically does is to prevent a thief who does not have […]

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Precautions You Should Observe When Using A Key With Transponder Chip

Precautions You Should Observe When Using A Key With Transponder Chip. Every car comes with a key for starting and turning off the engine, as well as for locking andun locking the vehicle. Most keys we now have come with a transponder chip placed in the head of master and sub keys. This chip works […]

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Toyota Retains Position As World’s Most Valuable Car Brand

Nigeria’s most popular Auto brand Toyota has retained its positions as the most valuable car brand in the world for the seventh consecutive year, according to BrandZ’s ranking of Top 100 Global Brands. Mercedes and BMW also retained their positions in second and third place, with both German manufacturers declining 9% of market value Toyota, which retained its dominance in […]

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I made these 5 dumb mistakes when buying used cars

Buying a used car can turn out badly if you are not well informed on things to look out for. See the dumb mistakes when buying used cars I’ve made and learn to avoid them! We all cannot be a genius overnight. Before we get to that place where we know it all, we might […]

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Mercedes-Benz Celebrates G-Class 40th Anniversary With 3 “Stronger Than Time” Editions

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has revealed three versions of “Stronger Than Time” G-Classes to celebrate 40 years of the iconic Gelandewagen off-roader. The three AMG-specced special editions, which includes the Mercedes G 400d, G 500 and G 63, are fitted with “Stronger Than Time” badging as well as welcome lights that projects the message onto the ground. Night Packages includes tinted lighting units, tinted rear windows […]

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The History of The Airbag

During collision or impact, airbags are instantly inflated by a crash sensor to trigger a rapid expansion to protect you from the collision. Below are important dates and events in the history of this wonderful invention. 1. In 1968, an American, Allen Breed, invented a “sensor and safety system”. This was considered as the world’s […]

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Tyre Speed Ratings And What You Need To Know

Every car tyre comes with a specified speed rating. The speed rating indicated the maximum speed a tyre is legally approved for. Going beyond your tyres speed ratings may end up landing you in trouble that can cost you your life. Speed ratings were established to match the speed capability of tyres with the top speed capability of the vehicles […]

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How To Keep A Crack On A Windscreen From Spreading

A chip or crack on your windscreen can expand if not attended to early enough. Here, I will put us through a tested method that one can use to prevent the expansion of a crack or chip on a windscreen. And guess what, the material for the process is quite common, you might already own one. Nail polish. Yes. The regular nail […]

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Behold The Walking Car Design With ‘Limitless’ Possibilities Unveiled By Hyundai

As years goes by, a lot of advancement and discoveries are made in the world of technology. Old technologies keep improving and new ones are born continually. Hyundai which is a South Korean automaker has unveiled a design for a vehicle with robotics legs at this year’s CED tech expo in Las Vegas. The Hyundai […]

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