23 Car Tyre Related Terminologies And What They Mean

23 Car Tyre Related Terminologies And What They Mean

Your car tyre is a vital part of your car. It remains the only part of your car that makes direct contact with the the ground. We have come up with various terminologies associated with car tyre and what they mean. When you’re done reading this post properly, terminologies like bead, chunking and carcass won’t be strange to you any longer.

Below are 23 tyre related terminologies and what they mean

1. Cold tyre inflation pressure

Tyre pressure when the vehicle has been parked for three hours or more, or has not been driven more than 1 mile or 1.5 km under that condition.

2. Maximum inflation pressure

The maximum cold inflated pressure to which a tyre may be inflated, shown on the sidewall of the tyre.

3. Recommended inflation pressure

Cold tyre inflation pressure recommended by a manufacturer.

4. Accessory weight

The combined weight (in excess of those standard items which may be replaced) of trans-mission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, radio and heater, to the extent that these items are available as factory-installed equipment (whether installed or not).

5. Curb weight

The weight of a motor vehicle with standard equipment, including the maximum capacity of fuel, oil and coolant, and if so equipped, air conditioning and additional weight optional engine.

6. Maximum loaded vehicle weight

The sum of:(a) Curb weight(b) Accessory weight(c) Vehicle capacity weight(d) Production options weight.

7. Rim

A metal support for a tyre or a tyre and tube assembly upon which the tyre beads are seated

8. Vehicle maximum load on the tyre

The load on an individual tyre that is determined by distributing to each axle its share of the maximum loaded vehicle weight, and dividing by two

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9. Weather side

The surface area of the rim not covered by the inflated tyre

10. Bead

The part of the tyre that is made of steel wires, wrapped or reinforced by ply cords and that is shaped to fit the rim

11. Bead separation

A breakdown of the bond between components in the bead

12. Carcass

The tyre structure, except tread and sidewall rubber which, when inflated, bears the load

13. Chunking

The breaking away of pieces of the tread or sidewall

14. Cracking

Any parting within the tread, sidewall, or inner-liner of the tyre extending to cord material

15. Extra load tyre

A tyre designed to operate at higher loads and at higher inflation pressures than the corre-sponding standard tyre.

16. Innerliner

The layer(s) forming the inside surface of a tubeless tyre that contains the inflating medium within the tyre

17. Light truck (LT) tyre

A tyre designated by its manufacturer as prima-rily intended for use on lightweight trucks or multipurpose passenger vehicles

18. Load rating

The maximum load that a tyre is rated to carry for a given inflation pressure

19. Maximum permissible inflation pressure

The maximum cold inflation pressure to which a tyre may be inflated

20. Passenger car tyre

A tyre intended for use on passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks, that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 lb. or less

21. Pneumatic tyre

A mechanical device made of rubber, chemicals, fabric and steel or other materials, that, when mounted on an automotive wheel, pro-vides the traction and contains the gas or fluid that sustains the load

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22. Reinforced tyre

A tyre designed to operate at higher loads and at higher inflation pressures than the corresponding standard tyre

23. Test Rim

The rim on which a tyre is fitted for testing, and may be any rim listed as appropriate for use with that tyre

Are there some other tyre related terminologies you know but were not listed? Kindly let’s know using the comment section.

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