6 Reasons Why Your Car Struggle When Going Uphill

Do you know you can actually use going uphill to test the well-being of a car?

It’s is not every car you see moving comfortably on a level road that can make it uphill, especially the steep one.

This tells you that the engine and many other major components have to work extra hard to take a car uphill. The force of gravity acting against a car moving uphill is much and at such, the car should be healthy enough to overcome it.

Faulty components in a car can make it very hard for the car to keep up in a steep or inclined road. Even when you push the throttle hard to accelerate the more, you won’t get a befitting response from the car.

There are various reasons why your car would struggle going uphill. You need to pay attention to them and sort out the issue if you need your car to function optimally especially going uphill.

Below are the 6 reasons why your car struggle going uphill

1. Bad or failing fuel filter:

If every other component is working fine and you have a bad or failing fuel filer, it will jeopardize the the smooth working of your car. It may cause your car struggle while going uphill.  4 Signs Of Dirty, Bad Or Failing Fuel Filter


2. Clogged Exhaust:

In the exhaust system, you’ll find the catalytic converter and the muffler. When either of the two get clogged, it will restrain the engine from breathing well which will cost its performance.

The engine power and acceleration will surely be limited. You may not notice this much when driving on a normal level road. It will be much pronounced when going uphill.

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3. Clogged or bad Air filter:

The air filter plays a crucial role when it comes to combustion engines. Clogged air filter will restrict the right proportion of air needed by the engine. At such, clogged or bad air filter can make the car not to breathe as it should. This will compromise the power of the engine and hence, not be able to easily make it uphill.  6 Symptoms Of A Bad Air Filter That Needs Replacement


4.Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor:

The Camshaft Position Sensor calculates the camshaft speed and transmits this information to the electronic control module. That way, the engine control module can manage the ignition timing and fuel injection timing properly.

But if you were to have a faulty camshaft position sensor, then the timing on these two would be off. This would limit the engine’s power considerably and certainly make it harder to drive the vehicle up a hill.


5. Bad spark plugs:

Spark plugs provide the sparks needed in the engine compression chamber. Having  bad spark plugs can make the engine not to perform optimally. It can make the car struggle while trying to make it uphill. What Bad Spark Plug Can Do To Your Car


6. Low Cylinder Compression:

High cylinder compression is critical for giving the engine enough power to get the vehicle up a hill. Low cylinder compression will make your vehicle always struggle when going uphill. The engine power won’t be strong enough to push it up there.