Why are all the main lights on car yellow?

There is a scientific reason for this color. Read on and figure out yourself.

Many people wonder why car lights usually are yellow or orange, but not other bright colors such as green, red.

Perhaps the yellow color has become a “thing” in the light industry and everyone considers it as a standard. However, not everyone knows the underlying reason why yellow is used in most car lights such as headlights, signal lights, and so on and so forth but not the same colors as blue, red, Metaphorically, the purpose of car lights is greater than its size. it supports the driver’s visions and also the sign for other vehicles to recognize you. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the car manufacturers have calculated thoroughly on the structure as well as the light beam of the system.

a car with yellow lights

There’s actually a scientific reason behind the color yellow

As suggested by eminent scientists, it shows that human vision is extremely sensitive to the yellow/ orange/green light. In addition, yellow is also the color that is most likely to travel the farthest distance, compared to other colors and also, it is difficult to be scattered. That is why, with the same scene, the same intensity of light, the human eye is more attracted to the yellow color and this color is brighter than the rest. According to naijauto.com, the color red is very radiant and all, but it causes excessive stimulation to the eyes, making the viewers feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the red light cannot transmit to a far distance, which is not really suitable for use in car headlamps, but better with rear lights and brake lights.

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When we use white light for the headlights, in unfavorable weather conditions such as fog, drizzle … the ability to transmit long distances of the white color is very limited because it is too easy to be scattered, making the vision field of the driver as well as the vehicle is obstructed. Meanwhile, the yellow lights on the headlights and fog lights help the driver look much further and thus making other vehicles more recognizable.

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a yellow light and a white light

While white light seems brighter, it travels much shorter distance

Not only suitable for driving in foggy streets, when driving vehicles in the city during the day, the yellow signal lights also show a great effect in attracting attention. Every person recognizes the signal that it gives out. Scientists have also conducted experiments with the blue light but later reported that the color is almost unnoticeable. Most people do not pay attention to it and will likely ignore this faint warning signal so unfortunate accidents are very likely to happen.

Therefore, in addition to gathering driving experience, drivers need to have adequate knowledge of the proper use of the car’s lighting system in every journey to ensure safety. for yourself and other people around you.