Truck Surf Hotel:See Inside The 2-Storey Hotel-On-Wheels That Was Built From A Mercedes-Benz Truck

This lovely Hotel-On-Wheels was built by two surfers from a Mercedes Actros truck . It was modified with a custom hydraulic system and an additional double decker accommodations .

The mobile Truck Hotel ,called the Truck Surf Hotel,was inspired by their travels in a camper van while chasing waves across Europe and Africa.

Their aim is for fellow surfers or those in search of adventures to have a wonderful time while being away from home.

The downstairs has a living room that is equipped with settees, tables, kitchen,  bathroom with a toilet and shower to keep guests comfortably clean.

The upstairs has five air-conditioned rooms that are divided into four shared double rooms with bunk beds and one private double room with a bed large enough for a couple to share.

The Truck Surf Hotel goes around Portugal from June to October, and moves to Morocco for from January to April.

One week accommodations starts at 499 Euros or ₦210k per person while Portugal trip starts at 614 Euros or ₦258k. It comes with option to rent the entire hotel-on-wheels for 5,410 Euros or ₦2.3m per week.

If you have the time, would you pay that much to enjoy a week of wonderful experience on this amazing hotel on wheels?

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