See Donald Trump’s Brand New Presidential Armoured Beast Limousine

US President Donald Trump showed up at the U.N General Assembly in a brand new Beast limousine.

The new limo replaces the one that went into service in 2009 during Obama’s inauguration.

New(top) old(bottom)

The video shows two new Beasts limos (one carrying the president and the other a spare to confuse attackers ) surrounded with up to 45 other armed vehicles including the police, a mobile communications center, armed vehicles and an ambulance.

The new limo shares the same headlights with Cadillac Escalade SUV. It is equipped with its own oxygen supply in case of a chemical or biological attack ,as well as the President’s blood type in case of emergency.

Other security features includes protection against ballistics and explosives, built-in tear gas launchers and fire suppression system that prevents occupants from burning alive .

It’s Kevlar reinforced run-flat tires keeps the limo going even after taking multiple direct hits.

The introduction of the two limos,which are the first of about a 12 that are expected to be built by General Motors,comes just few months after Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled his Russian-made submersible Aurus Senat  limousine .

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