9 Features That Once Come Standard In Cars But Are Now Being Replaced By New Technology

Most new cars now come standard with features that were once found in luxury cars while some features from over two decade ago are now all but obsolete.

The following are some of the features that once come standard in cars but are now (or being) replaced by new technology.

1) Cassette car stereo

Even the CD decks that replaced the Cassette car stereo are now being replaced with apps and wireless technology.

2) Steering wheel locks

The Steering wheel locks that was replaced by built in immobilisers have started to become more popular again to combat criminals using new high-tech methods to steal cars. The case of Anthony Joshua’s stolen Range Rover is still fresh in our minds.

3) Wind-up windows

Now we don’t have to manually wind the window up and down with the new electric power windows. You only need to press the appropriate buttons to do this .

4) Spare tyres

Less than fifty per cent of brand new cars now come with full-sized spare tyres (except for the 4×4 SUVs, bigger vans and pickups).

They are being replaced by run-flat tyres (for super luxury cars) and donut spare tyres, that should be replaced immediately when you get to the nearest vulcanizer.

5) Keys to unlock the car

The remote fob has replaced the physical keys in most cars that needs to be placed in the door lock to unlock the car . Smartphones are also becoming popular.

6) Keys

Physical keys to start the car has been replaced with Keyless ignition in almost new cars.

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7) Ashtrays and cigarette lighters

Automakers are making it harder to smoke in the car by replacing cigarette lighters and ashtrays with storage spaces and USB ports.

8) Hand brake

These have been replaced in most new cars by the electronic parking brakes that are put on at the push of a button.

9) Antennas

Except for the police car that still needs it for scanners, CB radios and computers, both the manual and power exterior antenna for am-fm radio reception have been replaced with high-tech receivers.