4 pros and cons of driving an SUV

Haven’t decided whether you should buy an SUV or a sedan? You may come to your conclusion after reading this article. Check it out for typical pros and cons of SUVs!

The battle between a sedan or an SUV has always baffled the consumers’ mind, and we Nigerians also have the same problem when it comes to buying a new car. Some like the aesthetical look of a sedan while others favor the intimidating feel when they encounter an SUV. We’ll now analyze the SUV thoroughly and hopefully you the buyers will have the decision for yourself.

a Mercedes G-class

We’ve gathered both SUVs’ upsides and downsides, take a look then decide yourself

The merits of an SUV

1. Versatility

Due to the fact that most SUVs are built on four-wheel-drive layout, also designed with high ground clearance, these vehicles are able to travel effectively on virtually any surfaces, regardless of the condition of the ground.

2. Social status

In Nigeria, there’s an unspoken rule about the social position attached to an SUV and therefore the driver can benefit from it. However, since it’s an unspoken rule, who knows whether it’s true or not. Some modest well-off driving a humble sedan while the boastful ones choosing SUVs is totally understandable, right?

a black man in front of a Mercedes G-Class

Some in Nigeria say that an SUV would raise your social status a great deal

3. Advantage of height

In an SUV, the driver is positioned pretty high above the ground, at least compared to the ones in sedans, so God forbid, when an accident happens, chances are that they’ll be better protected against the impact from other cars. Also, the advantage of height gives the driver a better visibility of the surroundings and hence the swifter reaction in the time of need.

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4. Load capacity 

Not only would the SUV be able to carry more weight, it can also carry more people than a sedan. A typical SUV could carry at least 7 people in a single ride, with their belongings. Some cross-over of this type could even carry 8 people or more, compared to usually 4 passengers in the compact saloon.

loading space of hatchback, sedan and SUV

The illustration of loading capacity among hatchback, sedan and SUV

The demerits of an SUV

1. The price

Most SUVs on the market today are more expensive than their sedan equivalent, if there is any. What’s more, the maintenance cost of an SUV is also much costlier than that of a sedan. The main difference in cost is attributed to the higher fuel consumption of different engines. Also, the replacement fee of a part in an SUV also takes more bucks out of your pocket.

2. The rollover risk

The higher height of the car does give the driver an edge on visibility but it also elevates the gravity center, which exposes the car to rollover risk. This risk is even more increased since there are roads with no speed limit in Nigeria.

SUV Crashes Caught On Dash Cam

an SUV about to roll over

The advantage of heights comes with a risk, it’s easier to be rolled over in a collision

3. Pullover risk 

Cars in Nigeria need to have a permit if they want to tint their windows. The problem is SUVs already have tinted window in the first place, which increases the possibility of being pulled over by the police.

4. Other limits

An SUV is pretty high so the children and elderly often find it hard to step inside the car. Another risk, by the way, presents in any cars but are more pronounced in SUVs, which is it would produce odd sounds after several years of use. To verify this information, you may ask several experienced car drivers around, especially those once having an SUV.