The 10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World And Their Owners

Transportation by air is one of the world’s fastest means of transportation. This has given rise to much people opting for air travels rather than other means of transportation.

Transportation by air comes with its own setbacks such as delays, flight cancellation, luggage theft, security checks and queues etc. All these are one of the several reasons that made those that could afford private jet get theirs.

Getting a private jet of their own will make it possible for them to around with their businesses in any part of the world any time they wish. It is said that freedom is the ultimate form of luxury. Being able to fly to wherever you want and whenever you want will certainly cost you a private jet. That’s why the extremely rich folks get private jets.

Private jets it’s a highly priced property which only the wealthy can easily afford. On the other hand, these jets have grades. There are jets that are very expensive when compared to others because of how they were designed to suit the luxurious taste of the owners.

We bring to you the 10 most expensive private jet in the world and their owners

NB: The list is from the least most expensive to the most expensive private jet in the world.


10. Boeing 737 ($80 million):

Owned by: An undisclosed US Business Man

The custom made Boeing 737 was customized to carry up to 19 passengers.

The Boeing comes with a bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and a fitting conference room.
private jet

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9. Airbus A319 Corp. Jet ($80.7 million):

Owned by: Vijay Mallya.

Vijay Vittal Mallya is an Indian businessman and former politician.

Airbus is known for their production of modern and comprehensive private jets. The Airbus A319 is their second most expensive model.
private jet interior


8. Boeing 757 ($100 million):

Owned by: Donald Trump

Donald Trump who’s the current US president is known for showcasing his brand on anything deemed fit by him. He bought the plane from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and has since then modified the plane to suit his taste.

The interior features gold fittings across the board. The seatbelts and sink are all gold plated.

Donald Trump's private jet


7. Gulfstream III ($125 million):

Owned by: Tyler Perry.

This one is owned by the renowned Hollywood producer, actor and director Tyler Perry.

He customized it to be a flying theater With several big displays. The base price for this private jet is around $65 million; just to let you know how much Tyler’s private jet was modified.
Tyler Perry's private jet


6. Boeing 747-81 VIP ($153 million):

Owned by: Joseph Lau.

Joseph Lau is a very wealthy man in Hong-Kong who’s into Real Estate business. It’s a two deck private jet with spiral staircase linking the upper and lower deck. He ended up making this private jet an ultimate jewel of the sky.

joseph lau's private jet


5. Boeing 767-33A/ER ($120-170 million):

Owned by: Roman Abramovich.

This very man owns the second most expensive yacht in the world. There is no doubt he has his gaze fixed on luxury.

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The PJ has a 30 seat dining room on board. The plane can transport up to 300 people but the Russian billionaire chose to customize it to his personal comfort for his personal travel.

He also uses it to fly his football team from one game to another.


4. Boeing 747-400 ($220 million):

Owned by: Al-Waleed Bin Talal.

Al-Waleed Bin Talal is from Saudi Arabia and a member of the Saudi royal family – House of Saud. He’s a man known for his luxurious lifestyle and owns a lot of very expensive properties.

Let’s burst your bubble; this is not his most expensive private jet. The Saudi prince turned this Boeing that could originally carry up to 400 passengers to what he loves. He stripped the entire interior and had it custom made to suit his taste of luxury. He uses this cheaper private jet whenever he feels like traveling light.


3. Boeing 747-430 ($233 million):

Owned by: Sultan of Brunei Haji Hassanal.

We don’t need much of an introduction about this guy right here. He’s a man of wealth. He owns more than 5000 vehicles. Yes, 5000. .

He’s one of the richest monarchs in the whole world. He has most of the things inside the plane is gold plated while some others are solid gold as well.
prince of brunei private jet


2. Airbus A340-300 ($350-450 million):

Owned by: Alisher Usmanov.

He’s the richest man in Russia and he named the private jet after his dad. It is the biggest private jet in the whole of Russia. It’s bigger than that of Russians number one citizen, President Vladimir Putin.

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The jet comes with custom interior, state of the art technology and security systems.


1. Airbus A380 Custom ($500 million):

Owned by: Al-Waleed Bin Talal.

This is the most expensive private jet in the world. It costs up to twice the price of his less expensive private jet on this list.

This man is unmatched when it comes to luxury and he’s the 50th richest man in the world. He has almost everything gold plated in the plane and comes with a solid gold throne in the middle.

The jet is referred to as Kingdom in the Sky and comes with a Turkish bath, a garage where he can park his Rolls Royce and even a prayer room with electronic mat that automatically rotates to face Mecca.