6 easy ways to boost the engine power

A supercharger or turbocharger can increase your engine power by up to 50%. What’s are the other tricks? Check out now!

Every car enthusiast shares a desire to have their cars faster and more powerful. Do you know that we can do that the key to doing that is  to boost the engine power and your car’s fuel chamber needs more combustion in other to go faster. Also, this is to note: Increasing the quantity of oil cannot boost your engine’s horsepower due to the limited capacity of the engine. However, making some alterations to the engine will enable the engine to perform well, as it uses up more air and fuel. Automilas.com will like to tell you 6 things you can do to boost the engine power so that your car can run faster.

6 Easy ways to boost the engine power

1. Make use of a cold air intake

Getting an enhanced cold air intake is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your engine power. As the air that comes into the engine gets colder, it becomes denser. The air taken into the engine mixes together with fuel and burn in other to produce power. The dense air implies that more air is getting into the cylinder. And when there’s more air, there will be more combustion as nature.

The cold air intake

With the cold air intake, there’s more combustion in the chamber

2. Reduce the weight

Everyone should know that a car with a lightweight is faster than a car that’s heavier. Weighty cars should be replaced with lighter components. The replacement shouldn’t be done only in the engine block. It should be all around the vehicle. Extra seats that aren’t used should be removed. Your car trunk should not accommodate anything you aren’t using. Glass windows should be switched with acrylic. And instead of using the traditional brakes, go for a disc brake. Reducing the weight makes the car move smoothly while the engine makes use of more power. This also significantly improve the fuel economy so why not try it?

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Cargo on the back of a car

Get rid of your unnecessary stuff, the car will run more smoothly

3. Go for a forced induction system

A supercharger or turbocharger should be used in the engine to add extra air into the combustion chamber. It has been confirmed that with these tools, you can increase your engine power by up to 50%. Using a supercharger increases the horsepower as it burns more fuel.

The forced induction system

Those tools can perk up your performance to 50%

4. Set up a performance chipset

Latest car models have an automatic system which is used to regulate all the activities in the vehicle. For instance, the onboard computer system is used to control timing, antilock brakes, etc. The system can be hacked with aftermarket performance chips. And you can counteract the factory settings too. Get the factory chip replaced so that it can boost the engine power.

Video: A small chip that makes all the difference in performance. Race Chip

5. Affix a cat-back exhaust system

The stock muffler, together with the factory exhaust pipe should be gotten rid of, and a new cat-back exhaust system should be bought to fix it at the back of the catalytic converter. When you combine the high flow-cat converter together with the exhaust set up, the airflow supply will be increased and the horsepower is, therefore, enhanced. By doing this the exhaust gases will be pushed out faster, providing more room for fuel and air.

The car-back exhaust system

The cat-back exhaust system paves ways for more air

6. Tyre tricks

This is all about tweaking your car tyres like having an aggressive alignment on the tyres. All you need to do here is to replace the regular tyres with shorter ones. This will increase the acceleration. And there’s a small price to pay for the tyre tweak. Your speedometer will read incorrectly as a result of it. You can go for lightweight wheels to use on the short tyres. As this tweak is making your car lighter, it’s also making your wallet lighter too. It comes with a price.

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Tyre and alloy wheels

Lighter and smaller tires are tricks to reduce weight of your car

With these easy tricks, you can now increase your engine power to drive faster. As we are all about providing you with car tips, don’t forget to check out other car maintenance tips here on Naijauto.com