Car cleaning hack: How to do Coca-Cola rust removal

Coca-cola is a globally recognized soft drink. Almost every home drinks Coca-cola. Aside from the great refreshing taste and feeling people experience, there are a lot of other things people use Coca-cola for. These things range from removing greasy stains from clothes to cleaning eyeglasses, loosening rusty bolts and nuts to cleaning the rust on cars. Coca-cola is a rust removal hack which has been tested and confirmed by car drivers that have removed car rust with Coca-cola. It works wonders when it comes into contact with chrome finish surface.

For other car drivers that are yet to remove car rust with Coca-cola, this rust removal hack is backed up by science. And here on, we’ll be sharing with you how to do Coca-Cola rust removal, so your car can also partake in the wonderful benefits of Coca-Cola. First, let’s share some reasons Coca-cola is a rust remover.


Coca-Cola is a real stain remover

Reasons Coca-cola is a car rust remover

  • It contains citric acid and it’s quite known as a stain remover.
  • It also contains phosphoric acid known to remove rust.

Materials required to do Coca-Cola rust removal

1. Coca-cola

A bottle of coke (should be a flat coke, so it won’t form bubbles) Diet coke is preferable and it doesn’t stick the way regular coke does. Using it saves you the time of having to wash off the stickiness when you are done with removing the rust.


A bottle of Coca-Cola is enough to do this hack

2. Sponge or aluminum foil

Most people go for sponge as it doesn’t leave a scratch on the chrome finish. However, with an aluminum foil, you won’t exert much effort when using it like a sponge. It isn’t hard and doesn’t leave a scratch, so it’s better than a sponge.

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You should choose aluminium foil other than a sponge

3. A cleaning rag

You need a rag to clean the car surface after you’ve applied Coke on the rusted area. The color of coke isn’t something that can go unnoticed. You need to wipe off the Coca-cola liquid.


A cleaning rag is needed to clean the left Coca-Cola

4. Soap and water

You’ll be using them to wash the surface of the car clean.


Soap and water to make sure the car is clean

How to do Coca-Cola rust removal

This doesn’t require more time and effort. It’s just a few minutes and you are done with removing the car rust with Coca-cola. Coca-cola can be used on cars, buses and even trucks that have a rusted chrome finish wheels or bumper coatings

  • The aluminum foil should be folded into three to four layers to prevent the foil from tearing while the scrubbing is going on.
  • Pour a considerable quantity of Coca-cola on the rusted surface and scrub it. It won’t take much time and you’ll start to see the result. The rust will keep coming off, on to the aluminum foil.
  • Keep repeating the procedure until there is no trace of rust on the rusted area or surface.
  • The next and final step is to wash off the surface with soap and water. You’ll be surprised to behold a shiny new surface.

This is a simple car hack that doesn’t require you to spend much. With a little amount, you can remove a car rust with cocacola. And that’s just it. Don’t forget to check out other car hacks on our tips and advice section on