Floyd Mayweather spends ₦23 million to service his Bugatti


Apparently, 570 million Nairas would not be the final price that you have to pay for a Bugatti, it comes with a chunky cost of regular maintenance!

“What are you talking about” would likely be your reaction when you first read the title. And that’s fair. I mean who would refer to the privilege to own a Bugatti as “side effect”? If there’s any “effect” of having a Bugatti, that would probably be attracting too much attention on the street or getting too many phone calls and messages from hot models in the neighborhood, or maybe being asked for photographs way too many times. All of which are not really “side effect” but rather pleasant troubles that flatten the ego of the owner and/or keep them awake at night.

Some issues, on the other hand, give a genuine headache. Generally speaking, a Bugatti or any other supercars require special pairs of tires, and they are not cheap, obviously. If the owner is a speeder, which is very likely (otherwise why would he bought the car?), he’s inclined to floor the pedal and that can exert a detrimental effect on the tires.


You can buy a second hand Toyota with the amount that Floyd spent to service his car

In theory, a Bugatti going at its max speed could wear out a perfectly good tire in just under 15 minutes. In other words, if there happen to be a long enough highway, a Bugatti might need another vehicle going alongside it, just to supply new pairs of tires every half hour.

And it needs another car for fuel too. A Bugatti can burn a full tank of petrol in just 11 minutes with its max speed. The price for oil, coolant and all kind of fluids for the car would not be cheap either.

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Since the service charge is a tad high, my plan of purchasing a Bugatti might need to be put off

With that said, can you guess the servicing price for a Bugatti? In the case with Floyd Mayweather, the notorious boxer who owns a 570 million Nairas Bugatti, one trip to the maintenance would draw out a Toyota out of his pocket, a whopping $61,000 – ₦23 million for one session! The infamous herald of celebrities, the TMZ, reported that the maintenance was done by a Nigerian auto. The breakdown costs for 1 regular maintenance are as follow:

  • Four tyres: $33,000 – ₦13 million
  • Oil and fluid change: $25,000 – ₦9 million
  • Detailing service: $3,000 – ₦1.17 million

Well, now that I know about the service charge, maybe I’ll put off the plan to purchase a Bugatti a little bit further until I have enough money to service one. In the meantime, I’ll try and see if I can generate another ₦1.5 billion to buy the car!