Ways To Give Your Car Nice Treats This 2019

engine oil being poured into a car engine

It is yet another year; we remain grateful to our God for making it possible for us to witness 2019.

As we strive to make this year a better one, we should not leave car care behind.

These are 10 things you can do this 2019 to give your car the nice treats it deserve.


1. Ensure you keep to your car routine maintenance:

This is one of the salient practices you should endeavour to keep this 2019. The habit of maintenance should be cultivated. Make sure you service your car as at when due. Change that bad engine oil, get your car a new oil filter, service your injector, replace the worn out brake pads etcetera.

2. Maintain the recommended fluid level:

There are various fluids needed in a car to ensure they operate optimally. Some of these fluids are the brake fluid, engine coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and so on.

Always ensure the fluid level are up to the recommended level.


3. Flush you radiator:

It is very important to have a radiator flush once in a while to ensure your radiator operates optimally as well as to avoid dirt and rust. To understand perfectly the essence of this radiator flush, read our post on “Pay Attention To Your Car Radiator. How To Maintain The Radiator Properly”


4. Respray your car:

The exterior aesthetics of that your car can come back to life after a respray. Scratches, dents, rust have a way of reducing the exterior beauty of a car. You can add this to the nice treat you can give your car this 2019.

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5. Get a shade where you can park your car:

The best place a car can be parked is under a shade. Exposing your car to harsh weather conditions can be detrimental to your car on the long run. When your car is not parked under a shade; sun will smirk it, rain will beat it. All these have a way of taking something away from your car. Definitely, the paint will be affected. Water can as well make its way to the delicate parts of your car and you know what that means – problems.

You can make place of giving your car(s) a nice treat by getting a good shade for them.


6. Don not stress your car beyond limit:

There are various types of cars manufactured for various purposes. Don’t use your car to carry out what it was not engineered for. Don’t use your front-wheel-drive Toyota Camry to carry 20 bags of cement or 50 bags of sachet water because you would be killing the car.

You should as well desist from using your Kia Picanto to tow Peugeot 504; you’re over stressing your car.


7. Do not manage car faults:

Just like the human body, a car is a complicated piece of engineering which have multiple systems to ensure it runs optimally. Managing a car fault can be detrimental to your car. For example, managing a car that is overheating can lead to the burning of your head/top gasket.

Form it as a habit to fix those little faults your car gives before they compound to a complex fault.

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8. Do not run on empty tank:

We have treated this topic in the past. It is not good to drive your car in low fuel because you will be doing harm to your fuel pump. The fuel pump inside your fuel tank should be covered with fuel which serves as a lubricant. When you run on low fuel, there won’t be enough lubricant for your fuel pump. This alone can lead to faulty or bad fuel pump. Read up the 5 Common Signs Of A Failing Car Fuel Pump


9. Be very mindful of potholes:

Potholes are one of those things that we always see on our Nigerian roads. It is so bad that death traps in form of potholes can be found on highways.

Always ensure you don’t forcefully drag your car into potholes; they should be gently approached. Make sure you read our post on  5 Vehicle Parts That Are Easily Damaged By Potholes.


10. Wax your car:

Car waxing is not very common in this part of the world, but it is a good thing you can do for your car. Waxing your car will give your car a very pleasant look and can give your car paint longevity.