Check out the VIP ₦155m KLASSEN Mercedes-Benz Viano Limousine luxury office

The KLASSEN Mercedes-Benz Viano Limousine is a true luxury office on wheels, with out-of-this-world features that are built-in to give exceptional comfort and luxury. It sure is work and fun at its best.

The level of possibilities available these days is closer to the proportion of unimaginable as the options that manufacturers put out for consumers have broken the bars of reality. The foregoing is so true for the auto manufacturing companies. Recently, Klassen has collaborated with Mercedes Benz to produce what is perhaps a VIP luxury office on wheels. Automilas– your No.1 automobile portal in Nigeria, examines what actually makes the Viano Limousine thick and tap with available options that push the limits of possibilities. Let’s have a look together!

Klassen Mercedes Benz Viano Limousine angular front


The Klassen Mercedes Viano is a stretch van packed with luxury inside

An overview of Klassen Mercedes Benz Viano Limousine – the luxury office on wheels

Having a look at the stretched van from the outside, you might not have an inkling of what this stretch limousine has got to offer. Under the hood is a V6 engine that creates 258HP of firepower, and can reach a top speed of 217km/hr. This auto transmission VIP-classed vehicle weighs a bit over 3 tonnes in weight (3,050kg). If your Uber turns up with this stretch of luxury, just be assured of a magnificent, pleasurable ride for six individual. The drive is more like a jet cruise without being in the air. Let’s have a look at the options that come along with this bundle of ecstasy.


The level of comfort and ambiance inside the Klassen Mercedes Viano is simply out of this world!

1. Convertible chairs – keeps you cosy no matter what

These chairs are no ordinary chairs, they come fully kitted with ergonomic leather covering and air-conditioning to keep you cool throughout the course of your work in transit. The chair can also be converted to a lounge in an instant with the press of a button, making you more relaxed and stress-free while you remain productive with your work

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2. Coffee maker – espresso on the move

If you woke up late and couldn’t afford to have your coffee before leaving the house, then you might not need to worry as you can have your coffee in the comfort of this Limo. There is an espresso coffee maker on board to give you coffee however strong you want it

The beige-theme interior of a Klassen Mercedes Benz Viano Limousine

You can’t ask for more from this superior interior

3. Huge flat-screen – eye-popping too!

This flat screen is a 32” sized TV that has major functional and entertainment features including a connection to onboard PlayStation 4, connections for placing and receiving video calls or holding video meetings, high definition picture, and 3D capabilities.

4. Wi-Fi for browsing the internet and video recording

There is Wi-Fi available for making that connection to the internet either for fact checking on Google or for connecting with your partners halfway around the globe or for uploading documents and files.

Klassen Mercedes Benz Viano – The VIP Luxury office on wheels with technology that is off the hook

5. Disco-styled roof lining – fun inspired ambiance!

The roof is fitted with some lighting effects, mirroring a disco-styled ceiling to give you that relaxed mood while taking your mind off the arduousness of the task.

6. Fridge – you can chill as you wish

There is a fridge equipped to keep your drinks chill and available in the event that you need to cool off or entertain a guest on board

7. Built-in PlayStation 4 – no dull moment.

All work and no play usually do not end well – at least for Jack, as it makes everything dull. Mercedes have a PlayStation 4 built-in to take all the dullness away and replace it with this fun box.

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Everything you need inside the Klassen Mercedes Viano – is just a touch away

8. Champagne flutes – while you celebrate

There are champagne flutes for those moments when you need to “pop the champagne” after you’ve had success with your work. Those successful meeting outcomes should sometimes translate to bringing out the stemmed glassware.

9. IPad for control – just a touch away!

With all these different functions, what is interesting is that ease of which all can be accessed. Though most functions can be operated with just a touch-screen icon, everything is accessible with the help of a simple app downloaded on an IPad which controls everything in this machine of luxury.

Final Take

Naijauto thinks this is a rare possibility made come true by Mercedes Benz, giving you the opportunity to have those business meetings and do more work while in transit albeit, in the most luxurious and comfortable fashion. Nevertheless, you must be ready to exchange N153M for it.