Check this out: Top 9 vintage cars in Nigeria

The beauty of the Nigerian automobile market is its diverse nature. In the market, you will all sorts of vehicles. Beside common luxury cars, modern cars, you can also find iconic vintage cars/antique cars/classic cars in the Nigeria automobile market. Further, in this article, we have listed and discussed the top 10 most intriguing vintage cars in the Nigeria market. Remember that all the vehicle model listed below, as well as other similar models, are currently listed for sale on

The top 10 most intriguing vintage cars in Nigeria

Check them out below:

1. The Ford Mustang – The most outstanding vintage cars

Out of all the vintage cars available for sale on the Nigerian auto market, the Ford Mustang just stands out.


The Ford Mustang has its mark in the world’s automobile history

It was the model that paved way for more embrace of high-performance cars, a.k.a muscle cars. The 1964 Ford Mustang is one of the most recognizable car models in the world’s automobile history.

2. The Mercedes Benz 230E – The classiest vintage cars

The exterior and interior of the Mercedes Benz 230E have always been very attractive. You will definitely get a chic feeling when you see the fine leather used in the interior design of this vehicle. It is then finished with a beautifully polished exterior.


The Mercedes Benz 230E has a fine leather treated interior with a polished exterior

This brand is for sure one vintage car you will want in your garage as part of your vintage collection if you fancy such.

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3. The Land Rover Defender 90 – The most rugged vintage car

This is one of such vintage cars that not only boast of pretty looks but also possess great strength and durability. It is such a powerful vehicle that maintains its ruggedness since 1980 till now. Any vintage car lover will like this car for its quality build.


The Land Rover Defender 90 is loved for being powerful and rugged

4. The Volkswagen Beetle – The most loved vintage car in Nigeria

Oh goodness! The Volkswagen Beetle could be literally called the queen of all 19th-century vehicles in Nigeria. Anyone born in Nigeria at that period will undeniably recognize this car even from a distance.


The Volkswagen Beetle has been loved by almost every Nigerian till now

It would be seen at every nook and crannies in Nigeria. It was loved by all, from traditional rulers to renowned politicians, everyone loved and admired this vehicle back then.


 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Pre-Purchase Classic Car Inspection Test Drive Video

5. The Citroen DS – The vintage car that is easiest to own one

About 1.5 million units of the Citroen DS was made as its production period which was 20 years run.

Owning a Citroen DS today will sure make you stand out with vintage swags. Only someone that knows the worth of this car will like to buy one today and care for it as it should be cared for and shown off.


The Citroen DS is one of such vintage cars to be cared for and shown off

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6. The Porsche 911 – A luxury vintage car from Porsche car marque

Would you love to own one of the first in the models of Porsche cars? Yes, right?

The Porsche 911 was definitely one such luxury cars that were highly coveted during its production year. Your vintage collection wouldn’t be complete if you don’t own one of the last ones on the market.


The 1974 Porsche 911 has been one of such highly coveted vintage cars

7. The Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic – The vintage car for automatic lovers

An automatic transmission is definitely one eye-catching feature of the Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic vehicle. This car model was given birth by a short-lived collaboration between Vanden Plas and Jaguar car manufacturing companies. You will want to have this car in your vintage collection as it is no more produced.


Owning a Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic today will be a privilege as its no more in production

8. The Mercedes Benz 220S – The high-performance vintage car

A pride among any collection of vintage Mercedes cars. This particular model does not only look good but also feel great from the driver seat.

Image-of-a-1961-Mercedes Benz-220S

The Mercedes Benz 220S is beautiful and has great performance altogether

It is a model that not only looks beautiful but it’s also of great performance.

10. The Mercedes Benz 230 – the vintage car for executives

Yet another Mercedes Benz car, right? Well, that’s such a special thing about the Mercedes Benz brand itself. They happen to have produced a lot of vintage cars that cannot just be faded in history because of so much relevance they had during their times.

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This model has this executive vibe to it as it was used mainly by people holding high executive positions in private and government-owned organizations back in its time.


The Mercedes Benz 230 has a beautiful high-end interior and well-polished exterior

That will be all for this list. ? Which vintage car is your favourite?