These 6 home-made supercars will blow your mind away

Lamborghini Reventon, Porsche 911 Pagani Zonda are just three supercar models that were built right from their garage. A product of pure ingenuity and recreation of masterpiece of the original model.

On Automilas, we have always believed that building a car is an art itself. This implies that right from your garage, lots of incredible things can be done if you got the skills. That is why we are bringing live to your attention, six of the coolest cars you will see around. These cars are works of recreation from the original models and are self equipped with features that will blow your mind away.

1. Lamborghini Reventon

The first on our list of 6 home-made supercars is the man-made replica of the popular Lamborghini car. The eye catching fact about this car is that it was made from the dissembled Volkswagen Santana and Nissan parts. It was assembled in China and it came at a whopping price of one million dollars.

image-of-lamborghini revention

With a whopping $1m, you will be able to purchase this recreated Lamborghini Revention

2. Lamborghini Countach

This was a 17-year masterpiece of Ken Imhoff, who designed and recreated this supercar right from his garage. To create this Lamborghini Countach, he had to build it from scratch, and it took him one year to come up with ways to take it out of the garage.


This beautiful supercar was built right from a garage

3. Porsche 911

You really need to see this car live built using cardboard and duct tape. This replica of Porsche 911 shows that there is no end to innovation.

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So, you can absolutely try designing your own Porsche or any model using these familiar materials!


This Porsche 911 recreation was built using duct tape and cardboard

4. McLaren F1

This polish man, Jacek Mazur spent a whopping thirty-three dollars (12 million nairas) to recreate the McLaren F1 in just 8 years. This guy is damn determined. A look at this recreation will open your mouth wide.

This recreated version of Mclaren F1 took Jack Mazur eight years to build

5. Electric car (customized)

This electric powered recreated car was an invention of a Chinese man, Chen Yanxi, who spent a sum of 5 thousand US dollar just for having his own supercar. The exterior is magnificent but the performance of this recreated car is not like the original version. The car also lacks standard safety features such as side mirror. You do not want to drive this kind of car on Nigerian roads.


This supercar was built with no safety features

6. Pagani Zonda

This is another recreated masterpiece and last supercar on our list today. It started from buying a used Ford Granada Scorpio to using online pictures and diecast model to build this mouthwatering supercar.


This recreated supercar, Pagani Zonda was built from series of online pictures and diecast model

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We hope you enjoy this piece. To know more about coolest cars in our country and all over the world, visit regularly.