Beyond Size and Interior: Key Differences between Camry 2018 and Corolla 2018


One would easily assert that Toyota is offering two of their best selling cars at some close rates but different sizes. However, that assertion would be myopic if only the sizes of these sedans are put into play without a deep insight in some other specifications.

Let’s take a look at some other factors that appeal to drivers of the two cars.

Comfort and Fuel Economy

The Toyota Corolla offers comfort and convenience than the Toyota Camry in its interior setting. Toyota Corolla is designed with greater rear head and more leg room for the back seat passengers. This will definitely be a lot more comfortable for passengers as they would be able to stretch out to a desired length. Camry only has enough legroom at the front seats.

Furthermore, Camry will definitely make you stop less on the road for refueling as it has better fuel efficiency. Drivers who want a car that is more fuel efficient would definitely patronize Corolla than Camry.


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Cost – Camry (N8.7m); Corolla (N6.7m)

One of the core factors to consider when purchasing a car is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Financially speaking, the Corolla’s low cost of purchase makes it a better choice than the Camry.

Drivetrain and Handling

Corolla still keeps its stand here with a smaller turning radius which makes you maneuver in and out of tight spots with less stress. Corolla seems to be unlucky with its less torque which means it won’t run on high speed and would be less powerful compared to Camry.

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Dimensions and Utility

Obviously, the slim look and short appearance of Toyota Corolla will definitely make it easy for a driver to park. Corolla would easily locate a parking space even in a garage that is highly congested with vehicles unlike the big bodied Camry.

In addition, the seating capacity of both Corolla and Camry is almost the same. Luckily for Camry, its large size makes the interior more spacious should in case you’re embarking on a crowdie trip.

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Horsepower and Performance

In performance, Camry is definitely way better than Corolla as it offers a 178 horsepower on a 2.5 liter four-cylinder. The good news about the car’s engine is that it is expandable up to a maximum of 268 horsepower when paired with a 3.5 liter V6. Corolla, on the other hand, comes with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder which generates about 180 horsepower. On Corolla, a driver is allowed to shift from Normal and Eco driving modes at his own wish.

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