10 Interesting Images In The History Of Automobiles

Automobiles these days are moving marvels of engineering. But this is a result of centuries of evolution.These images gives a very slight peek at some of that evolution.

1.The First Production Electric Car

Built by English genius Thomas Parker around 1884.This image leaves me confused anytime I see it.If we had electric cars that early, why do cars still run on fuel ?.

2.Early GPS 1932

3.This Is What Baby Seats Looked Like ?

4.Church On Wheels In The Early 1900s

5.Vehicles Used To Have Shovels To Minimize Injuries In Case Of Accidents

6.Amphibious Bikes

It was called the Cyclomer.It was quite popular in 1932.It was the first ever of its kind.

7.One Wheel Motorcycle

Ha !

8.All Terrain Vehicle

It looks really badass for 1936.It could make a descent on slopes of up to 60 degrees !!

9.The Great Grand Father Of Autonomous Vehicles

The Terregator(Terrestial Navigator), was built by folks at Carnegie Mellon University(CMU).Its practically the first ever driverless vehicle.


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10.First Mass Produced Modern EV -GM EV1

General Motors built just 1117 units of the EV1 from 1996-1999.It had a range between 112-160Km .It wasn’t also doing bad with 137hp and a top speed of 129Km/h.

What do you think ?