5 Tips Most Driving Schools Won’t Teach You

The truth is, no driving school would teach you everything you need to know.Driving is like art, the more you do it the better you become.
But there are some useful tips that should be made known when you first learn how to drive.

Let’s dive right in .

1.Get To Know Your Vehicle

Nigerians in particular make this mistake.They feel once you know one vehicle you know all vehicles.Once you buy a car, endeavour to read the manual !!.Get to know what every button and control does.See it as “bonding” with your car. The better you understand your car, the safer you would be, you would spend less on maintenance and fixes.Sometimes, people damage their cars without realizing it.Get to know your car ! .

2.Adjust Your Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots

Blind spots have caused a lot of accidents .Before you set out, make sure you adjust all your mirrors to eliminate blind spots.Alternatively, you can also get an extra blind spot mirror to increase view range or angle .You can get them here.

3.Don’t Drive In Someone Else’s Blind Spot

If you have done well to eliminate blind spots on your end, its also a safe thing to stay away from other drivers blind spots, especially if you have to overtake.You would most likely be in blind spots of trailers and large trucks because of their size, so you should be extra careful with them.

4.Learn To Drive In Bad Weather

I know this sounds crazy, but learning how to drive in a bad weather would actually help you.Imagine a learner getting surprised by an unexpected heavy down pour the first time he drives on Third Mainland Bridge, he would probably go into panic.
So, when you are learning how to drive, take the car out for a spin when its raining and practice in areas you are used to.It would prepare you for the unexpected.

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5.Learn To “Feel” Where Your Wheels/Tyres Are

This would not only ensure your safety, it would also help when you want to do things like parking, and avoiding pot holes.

Here is a tip to practice the knowlegde or feeling of where your wheels are .

  • Get an empty bottled water container, remove the cap and compress it.
  • Place it on the floor
  • Try to drive over it with the left and right front wheel
  • Wind down your window, so you can hear the sound of your tyres crushing the container
  • Keep practicing for both front wheels until you get perfect


Would you like to add any other tip ?

Let’s hear from you in the comments section .