October 20, 2021

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Mercedes-Benz may be seen as expensive to many of us but everything has its price. Though offering high prices for their models, Mercedes-Benz never worries their customers in terms of amenities they bring and lifespan they have. Today, let’s get to know more about this famous German brands with amazing facts down below.

Mrecedes-Benz badge Mercedes-Benz models are sealed to cover hidden parts in their bodies to avoid rust and condensation

1. The German car maker hires one inspector to check work of every 11 employees. His sole job is to supervise and criticize these 11 workers. A complete model when officially coming out for the public has gone through thousands of different inspections.

2. Each Mercedes-Benz body gets welded in about ten thousand places. As the miles add up, cars rattle, groan and squeak with loosened bolts. But it is not the case with Mercedeses.

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3. An independent swing axle is a suspension system first equipped in the brand’s racing cars now comes standard in every Benzo model. With it, Mercedes-Benz vehicles keep stable on any kind of terrains regardless of high or low speed.

4. Overhead camshafts are used in all Benzos instead of the ordinary valve actuation to allow extremely high speed while guaranteeing quietness, safety and smoothness. This also helps the engine to run at more than 90 mph in the whole day.

5. Mercedes-Benz is famous for vibration-free at high speed, which is partly thanks to a million-dollar machine set in the crankshaft.

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Mercedes-Benz g63 on the road

Mercedes-Benz is famous for vibration-free at high speed

6. Engines must be test-run prior to being set into the car. It is estimated that there are over 60 times of engine oil changes for each test.

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7. All four wheels of a Mercedes-Benz model come equipped with a disc brake. Both rear and front brake systems are activated so when one system failed to perform, the other will take over the job.

8. Vital brake parts and suspension steering are tightened all by hand by an exclusive toll Mercedes-Benz made itself.

9. Through 4 special tests, each coil spring (4 in total) in a suspension is opted to make a matched set, which helps guarantee a balanced ride.

10. The Mercedes-Benz steering system comes standard with a built-in shock absorber to steer the road shock away from the driver’s hands.

11. Mercedes-Benz models are sealed to cover hidden parts in their bodies to avoid rust and condensation.

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