How A Regular Chrysler 300 Is Cut And Stretched Into A Luxurious Limousine


The transformation process started with stripping away the car interiors, the fuel tank and driveshaft.

After that, a reciprocating saw(machine-powered saw) was used to completely slice the car in half, cutting away the inner support structure and the floor.

With the front and back parts seperated, they were rejoined first by inserting 2 steel frame rails into the front and back half of the car , before applying welds to it.

The original vehicle tunnel is welded back to the driveshaft tunnel that houses the steel driveshaft and exhaust pipes.

After attaching the outer body panel to the limousine frame, it was sprayed with three coats of paint. Two coats of protective clear coating was applied before installing the laminated safety side glass.

It’s now time for the interior department to finish the job . Here, the seats, electrical systems , original center console, video monitor and the floor mats were installed .

With test drives and quality-control checks completed, the original car,a Chrysler 300, was sucessfully transformed into a luxurious limousine in just 21 days.

Now that you’ve seen what it takes to build limousine, which car would you like to see in stretched or limousine form?

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