Detailed Explanation On All You Need To Know About The Cruise Control Of Your Car

A lot of people are ignorant of the cruise control feature found in most modern cars. I am going to make the explanation of cruise control as simple as possible.

The cruise control enables your car travel at a particular speed you set it even when you remove your leg from the accelerator (throttle).

As said earlier, myriads of people are ignorant of this cruise control feature more of trying it out.

The primary aim is to make your  journey more comfortable and it will also help you save money on fuel.

This cruise control is not what you can use when you’re in a congested road where you have to stop and start at all times; steady speed is vital. It can only be used when you’re driving above 25 mph. It won’t work for any speed below that.

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The above point will point fingers to just driving on highway and not streets filled with traffic lights.

The main controls are usually located in the steering wheel or a column stalk behind the steering wheel. The main controls are ‘Set’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Resume’ and ‘On/Off’.

You can usually adjust the programmed speed up or down using the same buttons – check your owner’s manual for specific instructions for your car. To initiate cruise control for your car, you need to accelerate to the desired speed of over 25 mph – then press ‘Set’. Your car will now maintain its current speed without the need to keep your foot on the accelerator. The procedure for activating the cruise control may vary from one car to another.

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Turning off cruise control is as simple as applying the brake, pressing the ‘Cancel’ or ‘On/Off’ buttons or pushing the clutch pedal in a manual car.

Below are some of the advantages of using cruise control

1. It improves your driving comfort
2. It gives you better control over the speed you ply
3. It improve the fuel consumption of your car

Ensure you read your car’s user manual for specific details on how to operate your vehicle’s cruise control feature.