January 27, 2021

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As old as I am, I still freak out whenever I am on the Third Mainland Bridge.I was curious about what the fear of bridges is called, so I went digging for transport, vehicle and travel related phobias, let’s get enlightened .

1.Fear of bridges- Gephyrophobia

2.Fear of flying- aviophobia or aerophobia (although the last also means a fear of drafts or of fresh air)

3.Fear of driving – Vehophobia

4.Fear of vehicles- Ochophobia

5.Fear of speed- Tachophobia

6.Fear of accidents- Dystychiphobia

7.Fear of trains, railroads or travelling on trains –  Siderodromophobia

8.Fear of advance technology (e.g. autonomous cars)- Technophobia

9.Fear of traveling – Hodophobia

10.Fear of floods-  Antlophobia

11.Fear of lakes (e.g. ferry travel)- Limnophobia

12.Fear of rivers- Potamophobia

13.Fear of sea- Thalassophobia

14.Fear of machines- Mechanophobia

15.Fear of motion/movement – Kinetophobia

16.Fear of robbers(e.g. highway robbery)- Harpaxophobia

17.Fear of night (e.g. driving at night)- Nyctophobia

18.Fear of new things(e.g. a new car)- Neophobia

19.Fear of fog(e.g. harmattan early in the morning)- Homichlophobia

20.Fear of conductors and Danfos- Agberophobia (Just kidding— 😅😅)

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