Driving license application in Nigeria from A to Z

You had one but lost it or you are totally new to this process? Here is guidance for all kinds of driving license application. Check out inside for step-by-step process!

How to apply for driving license in Nigeria

Driving license application process in Nigeria will be made easy and wahala-free if you strictly follow these 8 steps:

  1. Attend driving training course at an accredited school according to FRSC
  2. Take the driving test supervised by VIO (vehicle inspection officers)
  3. Obtain the certificate of driving proficiency
  4. Complete application form and make payment. There are 2 ways you can do this as below.

a girl in driving test

Once passing the driving test, choose either of these ways to continue


  • Fill in the driver’s licence application form at DLC (Driver’s Licence Centre). Before giving you the form to complete, the officer will ask you to present your driving school certificate, learner’s permit as well as your birth certificate.
  • Pay the licence application fee at the participated banks or online. When going to the bank to make payment, remember to take the copy of drivers licence form with you as they will need your drivers license application ID.


  • Go to https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org/
  • Click onto DL Application, a drop down list will show up. Choose New Driver’s License
  • Type in your driving test certificate number in the box and click on Validate
  • Once your number validated, complete online application form required
  • Make payment of application fees online and print out Acknowledgement slip

***Some participated banks are FCMB, WEMA, UBA, UNION, etc…

list of Nigerian banks

FCMB, UBA, UNION or WEMA are places you can pay

From the next step, you must proceed to the office yourself. You aren’t allowed to send other people to get it done for you.

  1. Submit all kinds of forms to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue) and VIO at the DLC to get endorsement, including:
  • payment slip
  • application form
  • learner’s permit
  • certificate from driving school
  • certificate of VIO test
  • certificate of eye test
  • birth certificate.
  1. Get biometric data captured by presenting to the FRSC officer at the DLC
  2. Take a temporary license while waiting for the official to be issued. This temporary version will expire after 2 months.
  3. Within 60 days since your application, come to BIR Office to pick up your official driver’s licence.
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How much does it cost for new driving licence application?

Following are the latest fees for new driving license application in Nigeria.

  • Certificate of driving school: 8,000 nairas
  • Certificate of VIO test: 1,000 nairas
  • Certificate of eye test: 500 nairas
  • Driver’s licence payment: 6,350 nairas (3 years) or 10,450 nairas (5 years)

Let’s see how much people actually paid for their driving license!

Please note that you may need to pay a bit more for some related services but this amount of money should not exceed N2,000. Make sure you know exactly how much it costs as well as how the process goes to avoid unwanted charges!

Nigeria drivers license application form

As I mentioned earlier, you can either fill in Nigeria drivers license application form online at FRSC website or directly at the DLC. These driving licence application forms require basic information related to your background and health index. It’s not difficult to complete these documents, but you may need to double check some data listed below so as not to waste time for this paperwork. The form is consistent everywhere in Nigeria, Lagos State drivers licence application form is exactly identical to any other states throughout the country.

  • Title: (Mr/Mrs/Miss) Surname
  • First name
  • Other name
  • Sex: Male/ Female
  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YY)
  • Place of birth (City/ Town)
  • Marital status
  • Nationality
  • Address information (House/ Flat/ Plot number), Street
  • State of origin
  • Local Govt of Origin
  • Phone number(s)
  • Occupation
  • Mother maiden name
  • Height
  • Blood group
  • Phone number of next of kin
  • Nationality of next of kin
  • Years of application: 3 years or 5 years…
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filling in the application form

Proofread the form after completion to make sure everything’s accurate

FRSC drivers license application – FAQs

Check through the common concerns around FRSC drivers license application so that you know where to find address for driving license application, how to save time or what to prepare in certain cases!

How can I find accredited school to take driving school certificate?

To see the list of accredited schools throughout Nigeria, you can:

  1. Go to https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org/pages/drivingSchool
  2. Select the State near you
  3. Click on Search

Or you can ask any Information Processing Office in your area. List of offices can also be obtained here!

After I submit my information, can I change it later?

Such important information as date of birth can’t be changed after submission, but some other data like marital status or name can be adjusted. However, make sure you bring along the evidence of changes when requiring to correct the information (for example: marriage certificate…)

How can I shorten the time for application at DLC as I’m very busy?

We’re afraid that there’s no step you can omit in applying for new driver license. However, to minimize the time you spent at the center, you should refer to driving licence online apply as in guidelines above. When visiting the center, you just need to submit essential documents and have biometric data captured.

screenshot of FRSC website for license application

Take the online process to cut down on time at the centers

How to lodge an application for lost driving licence?

On the website of Federal Road Safety Commission, there are several categories you can choose, including to apply for replacement driving licence.

  1. Go to https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org
  2. Hover mouse on DL Application
  3. Select Re-issue of Driver’s Licence
  4. Enter your Driver’s Licence Number and Date of Birth
  5. Click on Search and complete all forms required
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How can I apply for provisional driving licence?

All steps aforementioned are for those wanting to apply for full driving licence. To apply for provisional driving licence (or learner’s permit), please refer to Guide to get a driving learner’s permit in Nigeria for clear-cut instructions.


Driving license application is a must if you want to drive on Nigerian public roads. No matter what motorized vehicle you’re riding, whether it’s a motorcycle, car, bus or truck, you must obey the traffic laws to get a driver license, serving as an identification of driver’s education and personal identity.

We hope that this thorough article has pondered most of your questions relating to this procedure. And don’t forget to check out more on Automilas.com for useful tips and advice!