5 important steps to take when shopping for a used luxury car

If you are planning to buy a used luxury vehicle, make sure you follow the tips below.

For many people, the thought of buying a luxury vehicle that has already been used for a couple of years is an intriguing one, because even though the car is not in its mint condition, they still can be comfortable driving a car like that. For example, if you are given two options, a car that has been on the road for 40 thousand kilometers, but it’s an Audi! The second option would be something like a brand-new Toyota Camry or Toyota Altis, with, needless to say, much less advanced assistance technology. What would be your choice then? Not as easy as one would think.

Generally speaking, each model has its pros and cons. The future owner should research those facts carefully before making the buying decision. For example, even though luxury cars have far better technology integrated into it, the maintenance cost and the fuel cost are correspondingly higher. So, let us wait no more, below are some tips that we at AUTOMILAS.COM has gathered for our beloved readers so that you can be confident in going out and choosing the luxury car of your dream.

1. Check the engine start button and key button

In old vehicles, you need to thoroughly examine every detail in the car, including the remote car key, the engine start button. In particular, if the battery of the remote key is weak, it can affect the smart key lock system of the car. Similarly, if the battery of the car is weak, it will affect not only the engine start button but the remote key button as well. So if you detect any of these problems, consider letting the owner knows and let him or her fix it before you take the car. This only requires a small extra cost so rest assured that the owner would agree to your request. Or even better, you could use that to your advantage and negotiate the price down a little.

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a car ignition button

Let’s start with simple components first: Check the engine ignition and remote key button

2. Check the general condition of the car

Checking the overall condition of the car is surely what you always do when buying a used car. But, of course, you cannot do it yourself because of the lack of proper equipment. The right thing to do is to take the car to the nearest authorized dealer and let them do it for you. This might cost you some Naira since the insurance of the old car is likely due.

In general, the checking process will take about an hour with a reasonable fee. The technicians will help you check for any defects in the components of the car such as the fuel injection system, the gasoline pump, the ignition coil, the AC and the cooling system, the heating system. They also check if there are leaks in the car. To be honest, these problems are not particularly serious and damaging, but they will be if neglected and not taken care of properly.

some man fixing the engine

Minor issues could grow into serious ones if not taken care of in time

One more thing, if you find that the engine producing strange noise or there is an imbalance feel when driving, the car should have some problems with it. Since you don’t need a special equipment, this test can be easily taken before you drive it to the auto service.

3. Look for subtle defects inside the system

To detect these errors, it is important to check the spark plugs and the engine oil, as these two are extremely important factors that can affect the engine, especially the turbocharged engines and the direct injection system in some model like the old Audi A4. Sure enough, if you ask the owner or somehow find out that the car’s oil was not changed periodically or its spark plug was broken too many times without being replaced in time, its engine will have at least one or two issues. For examples, there will be more of the carbon residue from the burning process stuck to the burning chamber or the pipes.

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A man checking the car engine

Dig real deep to see hidden problems of the car

If the spark plugs and engine oil have been changed properly, it means that the owner has strictly followed the maintenance procedures as recommended in the manual, which makes the engine more durable and therefore fewer hassles for you in the future. It is notable that spark plugs or engine oil will not be a problem with a large car with many features such as an Audi A4.

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4. Refer to the experienced drivers and technicians in using engine oil

For vehicles with the supercharged engine, the loss of engine oil should be a noted issue. In fact, those cars have a great consumption of oil, so old car buyers need to check the engine oil and the conditions of the engine before the test drive on a regular basis.

an audi's engine

Luxury cars have different levels of oil consumption. Make sure your technician knows this too

If possible, ask for papers that confirm the maintenance information of the car, especially in the engine oil loss category before the expiration date of the warranty period. When choosing a car, make sure the technician is aware of its engine oil consumption and high maintenance requirements.

5. If possible, stay away from the modified vehicles

In case the car has been modified to increase its horsepower and maximum speed, then you need to pay attention to whether the car has changed the ECU, has upgraded any component or whether he or she has installed a non-genuine software. You need to find out which component(s) affects the durability of the vehicle parts as well as the transmission mechanism. When driving, the improper installation will make a good car become a useless combination of expensive parts.

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a modified car

Modified vehicles are more complicated and could have serious problems hidden inside

Therefore, if you have bought a used car, it is best to choose an original, unmodified or was not upgraded. What’s more, the longer the warranty of the car the better it is.