4 Signs Of Dirty, Bad Or Failing Fuel Filter

fuel filter

In our previous post, we wrote on the 6 Symptoms Of A Bad Air Filter That Needs Replacement, today, it’s fuel filter.

Fuel filter is not same as fuel pump. A lot of people make that mistake of mixing up the two.

The fuel pump creates the pressure needed to send fuel from your fuel tank to the engine while the fuel filter ensures that dirt from the fuel tank or fuel line doesn’t get to the engine.

Now you’ve known the difference, let’s proceed.

Just like most other automotive parts, the fuel filter over time can accumulate dirt and therefore become excessively dirty. When it gets to this point, it will no longer carry out the work it is meant to do effectively. This will end up restricting fuel flow into your engine.

These are the4 symptoms that indicate your fuel filter has issues.

1. Check engine light comes on:

This light comes up once there is a problem with your car. Bad or very dirty fuel filter is enough to trigger the check engine light.

2. Hard starting of your car:

This is another common symptom associated with a bad or failing fuel filter.
You will notice it’s hard to crank up a car. “one-touch” starting won’t be possible. This is because of the restriction of fuel movement. A car with an overused fuel filter will always cause this.

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3. Not starting:

We have talked about hard starting though. It can as well reach an extent when the car cannot start at all. This is when the fuel filter gets completely clogged.

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4. Decrease in power:

This is as a result of the restricted fuel. When the engine isn’t getting the amount of fuel it need, the power coming from the car will be compromised.
This can also cause the car to stall and not accelerated properly.

If you suspect your filter is very dirty, you can have your mechanic clean it for you. If it’s already bad and failing, get it replaced.