What do those numbers and letters on the tire’s sidewall mean? Check out!

Tyre sidewall markings shouldn’t be confusing to you. This article will show you how to read them.

The tire’s sidewall is part of a component which makes up a standard tire. And every data about a tire is contained in the tire sidewall. This sidewall has some set of numbers and alphabets written on it.

These numbers represent the tire’s size, its load-bearing capacity, and the speed limit. Correspondingly, understanding how to read these tyre codes will help you make the impeccable choices for the set of tires your car needs, and also your driving fashion.

Below is a compiled list by Automilas.com on how to read a tire sidewall markings. With this, you will know what each of the numbers and alphabet means.

Let’s say your tire sidewall markings have these codes written on it – 205/65 R16 95V. Here is how you should read the tyre codes to seize what it means.

The car tyre marking

What does this code mean? Read on to find out!

205- Section Width

This means 255 is your tire’s width measured in mm. The section width number is determined to measure from sidewall to sidewall.

65- Aspect Ratio

This is a ration of the sidewall’s height to its width. 65 means that the section height is equal to 65 percent of the section width. As the aspect ratio gets bigger, the sidewall also gets bigger.

R- Radial ply tire construction

This shows the tire uses a radial pattern that is symmetrical for the tire ply’s base.

16- Rim Diameter

This is the rim’s height or its diameter, measured in inches. It explains the wheel size a tire can fit into. Here, a size 205/65 16 R 95V tire will fit a wheel with a 16 diameter.

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95- Load Index

This indicates the maximum weight a tire can carry. It is known to have two or three digit numbers. As the load index number gets higher, the load it can carry increase too. To know the weight each load index number can support, use a Tyre Load Index Chart.

V- Speed Rating

It tells the maximum speed a car’s tire can maintain. It is written in the English alphabet. Here is an example of a speed rating. If a tyre has an H-speed rating, its maximum speed capacity is 130mph.

Watch this video to see how to read a tyre sidewall markings

With this list, you will be able to know how to read and understand your tire’s code and also find out your tire’s size.