5 ways to protect your car paint

Your car painting forms a perception in the minds of people prior to their encounter with you. Find out how to maintain it for positive outcomes!

Needless to say, car paint enhances the exterior of your car. As you pull over, people see the outlook, even before they see the car owner.

A neatly painted car says a lot about the personality of the driver. It forms a perception in the minds of people prior to their encounter with you. Hence, you shouldn’t allow your car paint to be ruined. Think of it as the appearance of your clothes. Dirty clothes make you look bad, no matter how good looking you might be as a person.

The painting won’t last forever, but if maintained properly, it can serve you a long time before the need for a repaint arises. At Automilas.com, we have compiled useful tips on how you can maintain your car paint.

5 ways to protect your car paint

Your car paint should make a lasting impression wherever you go. You don’t want to be known as that man or woman with a dirty car. Regardless of the kind of car your drive, these tips will make your car admirable.

1. Desist from writing on your car with your fingers

No one in their right senses sets out to write on the body of a car. After all, a car isn’t a notebook or a computer system. But sometimes, out of boredom, people subconsciously write on a car. It’s often done when the car is dirty because that’s when the writings are visible. This might be a fun and good way to pass time, but it does some damage to your car painting.

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a hand touching the car paint

Don’t touch it if you want to preserve it!

As you run your fingers through your car painting, you scratch the surface, rubbing off the paint. Your fingers can be likened to a sandpaper. Particles on the car, when pressed, penetrate into the body. The damage may not be visible immediately. But when done continuously, it becomes conspicuous.

2. Regular wash

Washing your car regularly might seem like an easy way to ruin the painting due to the constant rubbing, but the reverse is the case. The paint can’t be erased by water. What you put into the water during washing, is very important. Don’t make use of just any detergents you find, some of them aren’t car friendly.

Car experts advise that dish detergent isn’t suitable for washing cars because it contains chemicals that are strong enough to wash off paint. Rather than wash off the dirt on your car, you ruin the paint. There’s a reason why there are specialized car wash detergents on the market. They are made with specific ingredients that aren’t harmful to the paint in any way.

Pour the car wash detergent in water, and use a good foam pad to wash the car thoroughly. After washing, use a microfiber towel to clean the body dry. To enhance the outlook further, apply a detailing lubricant, and run Mitt all over the body of the car. Use a dry towel to clean the body again.

Washing your car thoroughly is a lot of work. If you can’t afford to do that always, use a duster to wipe off the dust every day to prevent dirt from accumulating on it.

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3. Use a paint sealant

Paint sealant is used to make your car paint last longer. Spread all over the car body, it forms a protective layer that shields it from easy wearing out or washing off. The chemical absorbs the paint into the car body, forming a strong layer.

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Due to the effectiveness of a paint sealant, some car users fall into the temptation of using it more than recommended. However, paint sealants are not to be used more than twice a year. Going more than this has adverse effects on your car, and that’s not what you want, is it?

a car hood using car sealant

See how car sealant helps on your car painting!

Car users are also misguided on the quantity of sealant to use. You need to understand that it isn’t about how much sealant you use, but using the right quantity. To get great results, use a bonding agent with the sealant to get a good texture. The bonding agent has to be a quantity of 1 table spoon poured in a half cup of sealant. Considering that different cars are of different sizes, this measurement isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The standard ratio to follow is 4:1. Feel free to tweak the measurements to get the right quantity for your car.

Having mixed the substances evenly, apply it on the body of your car in a circular motion. Focus on one part at a time to ensure that it’s well spread before moving onto another part. When the texture of the paint visibly changes, use a soft towel to rub it in the same circular style you spread it earlier. Ensure that the spray is even to get a uniformed look.

4. Maintain the shine with a wax

Having a shiny look enhances the exterior of your car. After applying the sealant paint, leave it for about twenty-four hours. Afterwards, apply a wax on it and rub it in with a soft towel.

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As you drive or park your car, particles including bird droppings and tree sap may fall on it, cracking the paint. You are left with a deteriorating paint for no fault of yours. The wax forms a resistance against these unwanted substances. You don’t have to worry about what falls on your car anymore.

5. Synthetic coating

Synthetic coating is a modern car protection technique. With a long lifespan, synthetic coating keeps your car paint shiny for up to six months. Don’t know how to use it? It’s very simple. Apply a polymer coating all over the body of your car, and rub it with a towel.

The substance comes in a small container yet it’s very effective and lasts for long as you only need little drops each time you use it.

There you have it – four sure ways to protect your car paint. The longer your car paint lasts, the more money you save.

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